28 February, 2014

Constructive ways of spending time in Delhi

Delhi does not have many choices for going out and spending time. Our only choices are going to various restaurants, malls or movies. We do not have hiking, trekking, camping, surfing, bungee jumping, snorkeling, casino, theme park etc. With such limited options and plenty of time and money that people have to waste, they end up with the first three options available. There are innumerable women's kitty groups and these days another craze is events and page 3 parties. At the end of the day, nothing useful and constructive is achieved. So what are some ways in Delhi to use time positively. Here is a list:

1. Join a dance class. It could be Tango, salsa or Indian classical dance- kathak, bharatnatyam or hip hop, contemporary, Bollywood, etc.
2. Join music classes or learn to play an instrument like piano. Check some schools here and here.
3. Join fitness classes and spend some time with a trainer to be fit. Or go to some beautiful parks for a walk. Or go biking.
4. Go to a spa.
5. Play golf
6. Learn to paint.
7. Learn a new language. Delhi has many language schools.
8. Write a blog like this one.
9. Read books.
10. Learn photography or some other activity like cooking etc.
11. Associate with some NGO. Do some voluntary service for the cause that is close to your heart.
12. Join theatre.