20 April, 2013

It does not take 2 to tango.

Most of the inputs below are of my Tango teacher Daniel Trenner. I do not take credit for them. I am expressing his words.

The phrase ,"it takes 2 to Tango" is outdated and rejected. Renowned teachers all over the world will tell you that the reality is different. The leader and the follower do not have to do 50- 50% to complete 100%. Each one has to do 100%. Only good dancers and teachers understand this. The weak ones believe that it takes 2 to Tango. Those people are parasites and creepers who cannot stand on their own and need the other person to complete them. That is why their dance is pathetic all their life. They never improve. Everything about their dance is wrong- their posture, their embrace, their walk, their gait- everything.

A strong follower on the other hand knows how to dance independently and rather even make her man look good. She does not wait for the lead because she knows that "the leader is an idiot. One look at him is enough to tell her that he is an idiot. That she should not rely on him. That he will fail her. That she should not trust him. But shh!! the leader cannot know. Because if he knows, then he will be very upset. Let him believe that he is the man of the universe. That he is making her look good. Let him take the credit. But the fact is that if the follower's value is 10 $, the leader's value is 10 cents. Leader does nothing because he knows nothing.  And if he tells her- you are wrong, then she says, 'Yes Dear' and then does exactly what she wanted to do." Wink wink!!

"And leaders you cannot know this. Do not read this. It is a secret. Do not believe any of the things written above. Because you are the man of the universe. Without you, she cannot move. You are responsible for her. You have to tell her- this way, that way, go, stop. But shh!! She cannot know."