14 April, 2013

If you are angry be silent

Have you heard that before- Be silent when in Anger? Do you agree to it?
I do not. First and foremost, like I have been saying, live in present to be happy. Anger is a feeling associated with past. It is never associated with the present.
Having said that, if you are angry/hurt, it means something/somebody provoked you to be angry. Then why should you be silent? Simply because, you should not utter something out of anger that you may regret later. So that you should not hurt anyone else. Cmmon! why should you live in hurt and anger?
I say, if you are angry, speak up. Let it be out of your system. Do not let the other party get away by hurting you, making you sad or angry. Do not be silent. One of my friend says, "tension lene ka nahin. Tension dene ka." It means do not take tension (stress). Give it. In other words, like I say, "Love yourself the most." Do not be timid, frightened, angry, hurt, disturbed, stressed, depressed, sobbing, sulking, etc. Burst out, if you must. And then chill. Once you have taken it out of your system, expressed yourself loud and clear, move ahead.
Never start a fight. Never. But if the other person starts it, provokes you, makes you angry, then do not be silent. Give a nice befitting reply with your choicest words and actions. In other words- never give sh** to any one. But do not take it from anyone either.