14 April, 2013

Tango life

There is a codigo de Tango and there is a code to lead your life. They move parallel. In Tango, the Tanguero gives a cabaceo to Tanguera and she has the power to accept the invitation or decline it. There is a nod of head, wink of an eye, raised eyebrow or else she looks away.
Similarly life gives you cabaceo on everyday basis and it is up to you to take that opportunity that has come knocking on your door or decline it. Life says, "salimos a bailar" (shall we dance) and either you get up and have a beautiful tanda on the floor or you keep sitting waiting for the next one. When you get up, you say yes to Tango and to life. Probably you say yes to Tango life.
There have been many events that changed my life drastically and dramatically. They took me over and engulfed me. When my children were born, my life revolved around them. I could not think beyond them. They still are and will always be a very important part of me and my life.
I came across "Art of Living" and Sri Sri and that gave me tools to live happily.
And then came Tango and took me over and my life. I seem to have a life before tango and after tango divided in two parts. I have friends from tango and few who are not from tango and they can again be separated in two parts. It took me couple of years to enjoy and appreciate the tango music and musicality. And now I cannot enjoy any other music which is non Tango. Every other music seems like a noise. Now I can sing some Tango songs and DJ a milonga very well.
Go ahead accept that cabaceo. Seek your own cadencia, your own rhythm. Feel the syncopation. Step into the arms of life and into Tango.