23 April, 2013

You can fake an orgasm but you cannot fake Tango

You can fake an orgasm but you cannot fake Tango. Tango is transparent. More transparent than anything I have ever known. You cannot fake it. It's tells all. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a beginner, whether you are tensed, your mind is preoccupied or are you in the moment. Whether you are enjoying it or doing it superficially. Whether your adornos are fake or are coming naturally. Whether you have learnt it from videos or invested hard core training in it.
Whether the two of you have a connection or are just waiting for the tanda to get over. It's all there and anyone and everyone can notice. Something as simple as walk can differentiate a beginner from an advance. Strange but true. Everything else in this world has an imitation, a fake but Tango has actually superseded everything else. Which is also one reason, we barely ever see Argentine Tango in reality shows where dancers train and demonstrate a dance form in a week. It is not possible to do authentic Tango in those shows unless you are really trained in it. Besides, show Tango is way too different from Tango done in milongas.
So if you want to have a good tango, do it without faking. Invest training in it. If you try too hard to conceal any of your emotion, it will show. So rather go with the flow. Let your training seep into your muscle memory. Do it neat and without any gimmicks.