28 March, 2011

Bye Bye Chennai, Puducherry and Auroville

So this was the final day. Day of departure. End of a beautiful and relaxing holiday. Boarding a flight back from Chennai. 

This is the hotel elevator. The walls of it are covered with complete leather as the hotel is owned by Hidesign- They make beautiful pure leather bags. The company started from Puducherry an Auroville.

Even the back side of the bed in the rooms is pure leather.

I am wearing handwoven cotton sari in my favorite color.


  1. c u soon in chennai...good you had relaxed holiday..a month later it would have been hot

  2. I loved all the pics,and all the posts of Puducherry.
    the saree is fabulous

  3. love the first pic of you look so pretty and you look great in pink color!!

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  5. hey thanks for dropping

    After a long time, am visiting your blog

    How are your? came to chennai?


  6. Kiran, beautiful color of your sari, You and sonny make a nice picture.

  7. Hi Kiran, This look is so me..and you look relaxed and happy....that makes you even more beautiful :)

    Loved the saree and loved the fact even more that you wore it on a holiday.
    If you dont mind can you share the shade of the lipstick? have been looking for a fuschia for long ....