29 March, 2011

Fashion Faux Pas

Low Waist Jeans.

It was hilarious when I heard a guy saying that a girl resembles "Piggy Bank" in low waist jeans. It took me a while to understand the analogy.

Destressed Jeans

Why do people wear torn clothes? Why?

Under wears or Bras showing from under.

Under wear is called so for some reason. Why do people show/flaunt it? It is a disgusting sight. Some girls wear transparent tops and some coloured bras under. It looks cheap. Even transparent straps are no good. They show. For heaven's sake, there are strapless bras available or silicon stick on pads. Get rid of bra straps from showing from underneath. It is not sexy but cheap.
Even men, who show there trunks/briefs from under their Jeans, look cheap. Keep your Calvin Klein brands hidden. 

Wearing such short tops that your Muffin Tops show.

It is a more hilarious site to see girls pulling their short tops down. Wear a little longer top. Hide those muffin tops.

Gaping Button down Shirt

White button down shirt and jeans (of the right fit), does look classic and sexy. Yet, a gaping button down shirt is an eyesore. Woman have Boobs and button down shirts of good fit, require few tricks. Use Velcro, safety pin, wear a camisole underneath. But avoid the gaping shirts.

Visible Panty Lines.

Girls, there is something called Thongs. Avoid the Visible Panty Lines.

Ill-Fitting Bras- Girls know your cup size. Wear the right size.

Droopy Pants

Also, not a pleasant site is-
  • Skinny jeans on men.
  • Shirtless men- No matter, how good a body and six pack abs, you have, men who quickly drop their shirts at the drop of hat, to prove themselves to be Salman Khan, are not sexy.
  • I know many many people would not agree with me here, but boyfriend blazers also do nothing to enhance girls. Girls go for good cuts and fits. Stop faking that tough look. Take pride in being feminine.


  1. Well said , Kiran. It is said that a tailoring error becomes
    A new fashion, but it really is sad the way people flaunt themselves in the name of fashion. Real fashion is something we can take pride in and is decent as well tasteful.
    Keepup the good work of educating people.

  2. I don't know why people do that or not even notice when your pants are half way down or your bare skin is showing. I am feel like my skin is showing!!

  3. I don't know about others but I agree with you,

  4. I think many should read this blog. There is a good messg. in this.
    It's hilarious too:)

  5. I totally agree with you! :)