29 March, 2011


Have you noticed we all have a particular bias/liking/disliking, towards certain product that we have grown up with. I was just reflecting on how we become particularly fond of one thing over the other and stick to it. I was making my own list of things. They are-

Favorite bollywood fashion blog- highheelconfidential
I prefer this to any other bollywood fashion blogs like- Bollywoodstylediaries
 Reason- High heel has more original content, better (similar to mine) judgements about who looks good or bad. They love traditional saris as much as I do.

Favorite newspaper- Indian Express, The Hindu, Times of India
Do not like- Hindustan Times

Favorite Magazine- Vogue, Femina, India Today, Wedding Affaire

Coke or Pepsi- Personally, I do not drink/recommend either. But still if I have to choose, it will be Coke. Son says -Thumbs Up is the best.

Favorite Attire- Sari, dresses, skirts.
Do not like much of- Jeans, shorts, hot pants.

Favorite piece of jewelry- Rings, bracelets

Favorite accessory- bags, shoes, watches, glares
Do not like- any hair accessory

Favorite Car- Audi, Porshe, Ferrari
Do not like- Merc, BMW

Favorite workout- Yoga, Walk, Aqua
Do not like- Propulsions, Anaerobic workout

Downtown or peaceful Countryside- Downtown it is for me. The heart of the city. I am a people's person. Countryside is good for few days of vacation.

Favorite Dance forms- Everyone knows my obvious choices- Tango, Salsa, Merengue, Waltz, Jive, Rhumba, Cha Cha, Bachata, Zouk, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi.
What I cannot relate to- Hip Hop, Street dance.

Do tell me your choices. Feel free to add or delete your own favorites.


  1. Downtown or Country Side? Well am a totally Countryside person.. Just love it!

  2. good list
    Countryside is good for few days of vacation.
    India today is also good

  3. Like your selection in your favorite!

  4. yes I am following you already in blog

    Dunno whether you also doing the same

    if not so join as 100th follower

    You will get a gift for sure

  5. Interesting. I could have never guessed that you like downtown ..haha))

    Really like your taste of cars...my car is not there.

  6. On the bottom of the page, it's there as follower's, you can add yours in mine from there ......