28 March, 2011

Relaxing night at hotel

Hotel Promenade in Puducherry is the best hotel. It is owned by Dilip Kapur, the same person who owns Hidesign. Hidesign had started from Puducherry. The owner still stays in Auroville. His daughter , Ayesha Kapur, has starred in the movie, "Black" as a child artiste. Today she is a grown up, pretty girl.
This hotel has a definite stamp of Hidesign all around. It has complete leather upholstery on every chair, sofa, back side of bed, walls of elevator, table mats, menu  card etc.
After a long tiring day, I changed and was relaxing in the hotel after a lavish spread of dinner that was served.
There was a lavish spread of buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And now, I am scared of climbing on the weighing scales.

What am I wearing
Tunic/Kurti: Anita Dongre. 
Paired with my dhoti pants.


  1. I've heard many great things about this place, but never had the luxury to go and experience it....

    Looking great!

  2. It sounds like you had a really amazing trip! But we are happy to have you back!


  3. Looking toally relaxed & gorgeous too !!

  4. you so lovely!

    What is leather-- I mean is all leather made from animal skin? So not good ..? MY aunt once gifted me a dior bag i never use it, I am sure it said leather somewhere on it or somewhere..