02 June, 2013

Precious gift- neon

I am not much of jeans/trousers person. Though, I like linen trousers. I am more of dress person.
Most of my T shirts are gifted to me by my elder one. I tell him, "get me dress not a T shirt". But I guess, he does not understand dresses much and always gets me T shirts. And this time it was a collared T shirt that he got from his Paris trip. It is from Tommy Hilfiger. Collared/polo T shirt is so not me. But then he convinced me. See it will look good on you. Neon is so in. Try florescent. Whatever, he gets me, I cherish and is precious for me. I wear it sparingly. Then he thinks (and says), Oh! you do not like what I got for you. When will you wear it? So to please him- Here am I. Worn it during the day time, while going shopping with him, with white linens.

Flats- LV

My nail art. Shown better here.

And same day in evening- Wore with jeans, added accessories, little make up and heels.