02 June, 2013

Hide All

There are some ways about the world/people which I fail to understand till date. I may appear to be very wise and mature. But these ways are beyond me. I confront such people on everyday basis. These people according to me should be called, "Mr/ Miss. Hide all". I think, they live in fear and are paranoid about something. Few examples of such people and how our conversation goes.

My question- What are you doing during vacations?
Hide all- I don't know, no plans as yet. I will see.
Reality- Within next few days, hide all is on some vacation.

My question- Where is your daughter/son/ wife/husband?
Hide all- I don't know. He/she never tells me. Must have gone to market.
Reality- that person is out of town.

My question- Will you come for lunch/party/etc etc.
Hide all- Not sure. I will try.
What do I think of it? Is it YES? Or is it NO? Can someone please tell me.
Reality- hide all comes, when I am not expecting. Or does not come when I am expecting.
Either ways, hide all looks like an idiot. He/she was trying to look VIP but ended up looking like fool. If you truly want to look like VIP, get organized. Have your appointment schedule with you and work with it.

My question- Where did you get it from?
Hide all- I have forgotten. Maybe I got it as a present.
Reality- hide all bought it few days back and I see it at which shop/brand it is from.

Hide all says- Kiran keep yourself free for my party/or any other do.
Me question- when? where?
hide all- I don't know. I will let you know. You will get to know.
Of course, I will get to know.
Reality- within a week, I get an invite for the house party/do, which has been planned for months in advance.

Another friend asks hide all- How did you loose weight?
Hide all, in front of me- I did Nothing. It happened naturally.
Reality- hide all got cosmetic procedure done and I know it because, she consulted my team of makeover experts for the same.

Hide all- We will go there together.
I say- OK
Reality- hide all goes without telling me. I get to know later. Thats when hide all gives all lame excuses.  Oh! I forgot. But it just happened. etc etc.

Now you know what I was talking about? I am always baffled by" hide alls"- their tricks, gimmicks, their purpose in life. Do they believe that they are President of USA and their movements have to be secret. That they belong to high security category? What is their purpose of hiding all?
Is it not too tiring to hide all and to lie all the time, sometime for no good reason. Rather just like that.
Why can't people be clear and transparent? Life is much more easier, simpler and uncomplicated then.
Cmmon! when you invite me to a party or any other do, I have my appointment schedule with me, I can tell you 6 months in advance what date, what time, I am doing what or am able to confirm or decline your invite then. Where is the point of dillydallying? Either you are doing it or you are not. Where is that in between situation? What is- "I will see. I will try". Are you kidding me or your own self?
As a blogger, whose parts of life are so public, I am not scared to reveal little details here or there. I have nothing to hide. But hide alls...ooof! man straighten up your life. Iron out few creases. Open out a bit. No one is going to run away with any of your...what? I do not know what...
I find it super hard to deal with hide alls. I get confounded and then I retract. I can only interact with people who are as simple and uncomplicated as me. I do not play games and do not appreciate ones who do.
Do not get me wrong. I have no intentions to invade anyone's private life. No one owes any explanations. In fact, I propagate giving space. What I cannot digest is lying, hiding, for no good reason. Say clearly, "I do not want to tell." That goes well with me. "I don't know" does not work well with me.
I have been brought up and given some different values. I was taught as a child, you double your joys when you share them and you reduce your sorrows to half when you share them. I believe in it.
I am in general a sharing and caring person. But I guess, people are not like that. So I choose to interact with like minded, simple people and not frivolous ones. Hide alls get on my nerves.
Hiding all is so uncool. People who do that, may think that they are fooling others but in reality, they are making a fool of themselves. Because the other person knows or gets to know and hide all looks like a fool. That is why I say, the best way to lead your life is to lead it with simplicity, dignity and integrity.