23 June, 2010

My day

It has been one very busy day. Lots of trainings, E- trainings, few new corporate trainings, new client meeting. Work does exhaust me but it is fulfilling too. It brings in a sense of achievement to see my clients transforming, shaping, getting fitter, better, healthier, happy and smiling.

And family time has to be squeezed in. Daily chit chat with son, husband, mom/dad, sister, is must.

Over the dinner, my friend pointed that I really like dressing up. I should say- yes. Specially because, in my work (in the field of fitness), I am always very casual- Track pants, T- shirts, (barely any make up- except a dash of perfume or deo). So yes, when I go out, I do like to dress very well. I enjoy doing all the feminine stuff.

At times, like these (like a busy day like today), I quickly dig into my old pics to post very quickly my "outfit of the day" post.

Tights: Forever 21
Watch: Guess
Glares: Christian Dior.
Location: Seattle

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. You look very pretty and I love your style.