25 June, 2010


Sometimes (these days very rarely), I like to stitch and create something. Yes, I can stitch and embroider too. Life is so busy these days, that I hardly ever get any time to do it though.

So very quickly I am sharing one of my own creation. Entirely, purely mine- Design, execution and of course modeling of the outfit too.

Dress: Designed and tailored by ME

Sandals: Coach

This dress has a very interesting back, which, unfortunately has not been captured.
Location: Garden of Five Senses, Delhi.


  1. oh wow..i can't even fix a button..leave alone stitching..this one looks really well tailored..nice!!!!

  2. hi kiran nice dress

    sure i will follow your tips of fitness

    happy weekend

  3. reminds me of school time...days in the convent when komal used to wear all those pretty dresses designed by u n i used to wish i had a designer sister haha ..i still remember she wore a lovely pink Shrara on my b'day party once tha was designed by u :p

  4. First time over here.
    nice post.