25 June, 2010

Mom's home made products

Unlike me, my mom is staunch believer/user of home made, kitchen recipes/concoctions for everyday ailments. While I would use La Mer face packs and scrubs, she is happy with her papaya, cucumber, tomato face pack, her home made rose water etc. And I must admit she glows. She certainly does not look her age. She still does not color her hair with Loreal but prefers henna. She has a home made remedy for everything- to beat the heat, for cold and cough etc etc.
So today, when my very sweet client asked me how to beat the heat (Delhi temperatures are soaring), I immediately thought of how mom always has special recipes/concoctions to beat the summer heat. Few of her favorite on which she fed us throughout our childhood are-

Gond Katira

Gond katira is the resin extracted from a particular tree. It is soaked in water overnight. Next morning it expands a lot. So you have a bowl full. It is best to beat the summer heat, to get rid of bleeding nose, prickly heat etc. I have seen, it also helps in weight loss. It is consumed with ice cold lassi or milk the next morning. Mom also serves it with Rooh af za. It is also served with matka kulfi.


Sattu is a mix of powdered gram and barley mixed with ice cold water and jaggery. Old timers point out that sattu has been regarded as an energy drink and antidote for heat stroke since long.

Tukham malanga seeds are soaked in water overnight and consumed the next morning mixed with lassi or milk.

Squash made from the bael fruit also helps. The pulp is extracted and soaked in water overnight. It is ready to strain and serve the next morning. Bael is reputed to cool the system, stimulate appetite and prevent or counter stomach upsets due to heat exhaustion. Lime is another essential refresher in summers.

 Kacchi lassi is both refreshing and cooling. I remember as kids, dad used to bring home mangoes for us and always ask us to have kacchi lassi (milk and ice) later. He used to say it makes blood purer.

Among foods, onion and mint remain popular for their anti-heat qualities. Consuming onions takes away a lot of heat from the body. Chutney made from mint leaves prevents dehydration. I ask my clients to make a drink of mint, coriander, black salt, black pepper and lime juice. Add chilled water to it and store it in bottle. Keep sipping on it the whole day.

Chutney made from the petals of the rhododendron flower is supposed to have a cooling effect. Rhododendron syrup is also very popular for its cooling effect.

Children are particularly prone to heat stroke and excessive exposure to heat can cause serious disorders. So during summers, they should definitely be given these things. Aam panna (Drink made from mangoes) also helps.

Here is outfit of the day

Dress: Mango

I particularly like this dress in summer because of its color and cool cotton fabric.

This is how I look after I have worked for 14 hours a day straight. Exhausted, but I can smile for the camera. Besides, I can also go for a short drive.

Slippers: Louis Vuitton


  1. wow maza aa gaya
    all home made recepies
    beat the heat

  2. nice tips..specially to beat Delhi's heat..my mom tells me all the time that the heat is unbearable...love this dress of yours..its sleeves & neckline are so flattering..

  3. looove the dresss..looove