24 June, 2010

Check this out

Do check this blog. I had featured the prettiest bride in my earlier blog post here.
Sovina has done such a fabulous post about this same bride. Do check her blog here.

Last few hours left for you to win a dress as a Giveaway being offered. Read the previous post here for details.

It seems to be another heavily busy day. 

So for the outfit of the day, I thought of posting my workout clothes, in which I shall be for most of my day.

See my very boring (at least thats how I feel), workout clothes.
Tracks: Nike

Am I the only one who finds workout clothes so boring? Few options we have is Adidas, Nike, Reebok, puma, etc. Canada, we have lululemon. Or we have options like Juicy couture. Still not much. Which is your favorite brand of workout clothes? Have you discovered something really stylish? Share your views please.

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger- Yes when I am myself not working out (its just the clients) and specially when it is low impact workout, I prefer not to wear my regular workout shoes but shoes like these. They are comfortable, easy to wear and stylish.

I saw This beautiful Interior that I really wanted to share on this blog. Isn't it so pretty?

It is light on a ceiling.


  1. hey! thanks for the shoutout...i am so glad that you like the post..komal is getting lot of praise and she sure deserves it :)

    Thanks :)

  2. i prefer reebok for the shoes and puma for everything else!!!...
    though nowadays since am into swimming, am majorly into adidas swimsuits, they cover up nicely for high strength swimming!!
    i liked the mirror tree verry much!!

  3. I love workout clothes! I feel the best in them. I really do. And anything comfortable and breezy works for me.

    P.S. About that Safari Chic outfit. I like trying new looks. I do not want to be predictable. I always try and dress appropriate but different from any previous outfit of mine. Keeps it exciting and helps me get the most bucks out of all my clothes :)

  4. is it really light on the ceiling? WOW! Where was it at?
    I'm inspired as well as impressed!
    What an idea what an idea!