28 June, 2010


Color white (and Fuschia) are my all time favorite in Saree (I don't have to say it again and again). And if you have been reading my previous posts, you exactly know what kind of sarees I fall for. But what I am going to tell in this post is something more. In traditional weaves, my top most favorite (like really really favorite- to die for, irresistible) is Chanderi Saree. Now I must tell you that this hand woven traditional saree is not very easily available and not many people are as crazy about it as I am. When I go hunting for these, 99% shopkeepers do not have it. You know why? Because they do not get huge profit margins on these as they get selling cheap embroidery stuff. But Chanderi Sarees are exquisite. They are like a dream. And they are bloody expensive. They look simple but they can cost you a bomb. So only very discerning few would go for it. Only the ones who have a taste for it. So I sometimes travel to Chanderi specially and get some breath taking sarees all the way from there to add to my collection. You could say, I am addicted to them.

I had first worn this Chanderi Saree, in Bali, when I went for my advanced course with Guruji- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (The light of my Life)

With the love of my Life- Divine Grace- The Supreme Power Himself.

Yesterday there was another Pooja in the family, where I wore the same. Here are few of those pictures.

Jewelery: Bought from dad
Watch: Gift from dad

Following are few of my other pictures again in my favorite Chanderi Saree. These were again taken during my visit to the Bangalore Ashram of Art of Living. It is my second home. It is so magnificent- ethereal beauty.

There I do not carry a leather bag. But a simple cloth bag.


  1. saw ur hawvan pics and sai sandhiya pics. ur saree in both funcs is very nice. colour choice and quality. pearls suits u.

  2. Di, is 'Chanderi' an actual place??? I thought it's just a type of saree but you wrote you travel to 'Chanderi', so wondering where is it?
    I too love Chanderis but dont have much. Just one, I think. My first memory of them is from our trip to Bhopal and I still remember the crisp fluffy, pure, feel of th fabric and the pastel colors the shopkeeper showed us. And I was fascinated by them from that point on. I'm not a saree person, coz I cannot carry them as easily as you or Mummy can, but if I were, they would be in my top list too. Chanderis, chiffons and crepes - because of the way they feel - soft, flowy, romatic:).
    Oh an idea - why don't you make some chanderi dresses for you and me!

  3. Thanks mom and Komal. Yes Komal Chanderi is actually a place in MP, close to Bhopal. A quick day's trip from Delhi.
    Dress of Chanderi would make us look like Barbie doll, cos of the way it is stiff and fluffy. Also, it is a very delicate fabric which would not be able to take the stitching (chir jayega). It being an expensive fabric, not worth it to make a dress or suit ( although there are some mixed suits in this). Saree looks the best in this.

  4. hey..looking pretty in the sari..(again) love the soft color.perfect for summers and like the fact that u didn't pair a leather bag with it...