26 February, 2013

Dominican Republic National day.

A night before leaving for Singapore, I had attended Dominican Republic National day. 

I wore
Dress: Badgley Mischka: Bought recently in US
Bag: Coach. Limited edition 2013. Bought in US.

That night everyone danced Salsa. Strangely, I just could not dance or enjoy salsa. After, doing Tango, Salsa is no fun. I have heard every Tango dancer saying so. Why does it happen?
Recently, a friend told me something very profound and intelligent about Tango. 
We know that Tango is addictive. And you experience withdrawal if you remain away from Tango for too long. But what this friend mentioned and I did not know till date was-
Like any drug, have Tango in small doses. Do not overdo and over burn yourself. Like any drug, Tango too gives you enormous high initially but as you keep getting used to it, you need higher doses to get the same high. Do not reach a point, where, it ceases to give you same kick. Keep it fresh, invigorating and exciting.