22 September, 2008

Jahanpanah Forest-Places to workout in delhi

If you are in Delhi the best place to go for a walk is Jahanpanah Forest. Where in the heart of South Delhi (It is busting with traffic and residence and markets), would you find a forest? It is actually a forest which is so well maintained. I do hope commercialization never takes over this place.

You get real fresh Oxygen to breathe amongst so many green trees. There is its own nursery also. And a walking track is made in the middle of the forest. You can even see some peacocks.

Now comes the best part- why I like a walk here the best. It is marked all over as to how much distance you have covered. So I don't have to even rely on my pedometer. It starts with 0 km and guess how much is one full round?

I took my friends there for a walk who were clueless as to how much they had to walk. the deal was that they had to finish 1 round and we would come out. So we started walking/jogging/running/sprinting.

You even see people feeding birds there. There are special pots kept for people to put bird feed in them. It is an amazing feeling to see so many varieties of trees all around you and such enthusiast morning/evening walkers.

So coming back to my question as to how long is one round of this forest. It is full 7 kms track. Viola! if anyone does just this everyday, I bet he/she will always be really fit.

These are my clueless friends, who did successfully complete 7 km track. And at the end of it, they were really happy and rejuvinated. They have promised to do it every day.

Jahanpanah Forest- Here we come.

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