03 November, 2014

15 DIY ideas to reuse denim to give it new look

Here are 15 DIY ideas to reuse your denim and give them a fresh life.

1. Reshape into this skirt

2. This is another skirt that you can make.

3. A straight skirt.

4. Use the pockets to store your iPod or mobile

6. Give a new look to your denim. Add a printed fabric to it.

 Or add a lace to your denim

7. Paint your denim- it could be hearts, flowers, butterflies, paisley, anything that you like.

8. Pen, pencil stand from old tins.

9. Make a cushion

10. Make notebooks and diaries.

11. Wine bag

12. Beautiful flowers that you can use as hair clip, brooch, napkin ring etc.

13. Napkin

14. Bag

15. Use as a wall hanging above the study table to organize stationary.

16.  Carpet