26 June, 2013

Violence towards women

This is for some of my women friends and my readers. I have strong opinion against violence and abuse- specially towards women. Never ever tolerate domestic violence or any emotional/ physical abuse.
Never let anyone crush you or hurt you in any which way. It is not sacrifice, compromise or adjustment. Have an attitude of zero tolerance towards violence and abuse. Love yourself the most. Live fearlessly. Do not let anyone intimidate you by even an act of indirect violence like breaking things, thumping fists, raising voice, sending you scary text messages or pictures of bloodshed etc. Only you and you can help yourself. Stop being a martyr or damsel in distress waiting for a knight in shining armor to come and rescue her. Do not make sacrifices in the name of children, relationships, etc. Do not let anyone suffocate you. You are special and you need to be treated special- always. Anything lesser than that is unacceptable.