30 September, 2010

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Freedom & Discipline

Freedom and discipline are opposites and complementary. The purpose of defense is to protect freedom. But is there freedom in defense? Do soldiers have freedom? No, they are totally bound, not even allowed to put the right foot down when told the left foot. Their steps are measured and they are unable even to walk with a natural rhythm. There is total lack of freedom in defense. That which has absolutely no freedom is protecting the freedom of the country! So it is with the police; they protect the freedom of the individual. But are they free?

Discipline protects freedom. They both go hand in hand. Understand this and go ahead in life. You have some restrictions and it is this that allows you freedom. You can choose to focus either on freedom or discipline, and this makes you happy or unhappy. Freedom without discipline is like a country without a defense.

Fences should be fences; a fence cannot be built all over the property. If your fence is all over, how can you build on the property? That state of high absolute freedom is too difficult; we need to be very practical. Yes, there is a state of unlimited bliss, the freedom Advaita talks about. The Advaita Knowledge has been totally misused or used according to one's own fancies and conveniences.

There must be awareness in the mind, love in the heart, and righteousness in action.

Love and fear are two possibilities that put you on track. The Jewish religion put fear as the main thing so that life could improve. Nature induces fear at a certain age in a child. When a child is very young, it gets 100 percent time and love of the mother. The child has no fear. As the child grows more independent it becomes cautious. Nature brings in an iota of fear. With freedom, the child starts walking carefully. Fear of losing freedom also brings defense. The purpose of defense is to eliminate fear.

On this path Knowledge is your Freedom and also your Defense.

- Sri Sri

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

SUTRA: "In the presence of a satguru: knowledge flourishes,sorrow diminishes,joy wells up without any reason, abundance dawns&all talents manifest." - Sri Sri...

Jai Gurudev!

Dear Ones,

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Jai Gurudev!

Art of Living: Faith in Action 2010

29 September, 2010

Dumb Blonde Babes of Today

I read this piece by Shobha De here.

I liked what she has written so much, got so fascinated by it, I thought of copying and pasting it on my blog as well. She is 60 and I am 40. Yet, I can totally relate to what she has written about youth of today. Let me add here, I have personally met some amazing youth in my real life (remember sometime back I wrote about an angel in my life here. In fact, the youth I have interacted with personally in my fitness centre is an absolute amazing lot. Much more mature and focussed. But recently, I have also met some other category of youth who had "dumb blonde" written in bold letters on their faces. This article should be dedicated to that wasted lot of youth.

‘Hum Jab Hongey Saath Saal Ke…’ has been my theme song for the past two years. That I sing off key, is another matter.. Asha Bhonsale just turned 77 and celebrated her birthday performing at a rock concert in Singapore. Shabana Azmi joined the Sensational Sixties Club earlier this week and rocked her own party by dancing to the season’s big hit ‘Munni Badnaam Hui…. Darrrrrling tere liye.” Yup. That makes it official. Today’s sixty- year- olds are Item Girls with attitude. And as that delicious strap line for an unhealthy snack goes, ‘I am lovin’ it.’ Far too much is being made of youth, and how wonderful it is to be a part of the under -30 generation these days. You know what? Keep it! Youth, I mean. OI swear I’d hate to be a young person in India today.Oof …. total emotional atyachar, yaar! What can these dudes and dudettes India look forward to… come on, think about it? Unemployment, suicides, corruption, caste issues, communal issues, terror attacks, discrimination, quota systems,double digit inflation…. more corruption? Youth is definitely getting wasted on the young. From the heady sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll hedonism of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s… to this depressing mess??? By comparison, celebrating ones ‘Eksashthi’ ( 61st birthday) sounds positively sexy! I am having the best time of my life as a senior citizen – a far better time than I ever had as a broke, insecure, far-from-accomplished young thing. I mean… come on. Who needs struggle? Who needs the bloody tension of being considered cool or uncool based on the brand of jeans covering ones far from perfect butt? Naah. Youth and all things youthful are totally over rated. I see more worry lines on the faces of twenty something starlets( the bling and botox brigade) than on the 60+ and seriously gorgeous Hema Malini’s calm and contented visage. Dev Anand at well over 80, is a darn sight more stylish and does his sartorial layering with far more finesse than that Shirtless Wonderboy, Salman Khan. And yes, Dev Saab continues to be a chick magnet ( eat your heart out Ranbir, Imran, Shahid and all you other callow fellows). Really.Jawani ki Diwani is a huge, big con. Being jawan in India is a little like being a gay guy in a bordello – the equipment works, but there’s no application. When I look at the collective neuroses that has paralysed this generation of alarmingly young but essentially vague people, I thank my stars I was spared.
No Sir, we really are pretty okay at this age and stage. We have our lines (verbal and physical) in place. And what’s a li’l bit of cellulite idhar udhar between friends and accepting spouses? But that does not give us sleepless nights. We are entitled to our smugness! Our love affairs have always been with human beings not laptops, Blackberries and other gizmos.We lived in the real world, not a virtual one, and men had sex with real partners not Savita Bhabhi . Our communication was face-to-face instead of on facebook. At thirty, we were pretty sorted….we didn’t have to hang around dimly lit clubs waiting to meet some impossibly perfect God or Goddess, who, like Godot, didn’t bother to show up! We settled for the best ‘alliance’ going, moved into rented apartments and didn’t worry about emi’s and other such financial annoyances. We paid our bills with real money, not plastic. And most of our assets were tangible – mother’s gold bangles, father’s Rolex, that kind of stuff. We had the best parties and weddings which were not super productions or ‘events’ marketed by hawks counting every extra orchid and barfi. For our honeymoon, we didn’t think beyond Simla, Darjeeling or even sweet old neighbourhood hill stations like Mahableshwar. Istanbul, Ibiza or Sao Paolo for bachelorette blow outs? Not a chance! We held hands at soppy movies and licked the same ice cream cone by way of erotic symbolism. The ipill didn’t exist, and only bad girls ‘did it’ with their boyfriends.
There were always people with more money, better boobs, fancier cars, bigger homes. But the ‘Lifestyle’ disease had not grown into a lethal, full blown, worldwide virus that it is today. Of course, we died of jealousy when the neighbour bought a Fiat or Ambassador. But we also believed ‘mera number aa jayega’. Impossible is nothing? It’s not as dumb as it first sounds. We were a generation of believers. We naively believed Gordon Gekko when he stated, ‘Greed is good.’ Today’s kids chant ‘Money never sleeps’. Neither do they!
What the young in India need more than almost anything else today is a dream. I am just happy and relieved my generation got to live theirs. Picasso , that randy old goat had grandly declared, “ Youth has no age.”. It so doesn’t.
Botox for the soul, anyone??

Wisdom from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Inner joy and true happiness alone can stop the feverishness in society that arises through desires

The most fortunate event that can take place in our lives is when we feel, I do not want anything, and I am here for you. I have been bestowed with the good fortune of feeling this way right from the beginning. My wish is to see more and more people being able to think in this manner. Imagine how society would be if each member of the society thinks the same way! This feeling, this virtue is already there in everyone, but it is just hidden somewhere deep inside.

When the leader of a country feels in this manner, only then will the country progress; and when he is focused on the development of the country and its people, it is impossible that the needs of the leader are not fulfilled. But if we focus only on our needs, then we dont give ourselves and our abilities a chance to blossom. We must always believe that our needs will be fulfilled.  

This does not mean that when you have some needs, you suppress them saying, “I do not want anything”. This is a feeling that arises from a state of contentment or fulfillment, and not by neglecting or suppressing your needs, and fulfillment comes from spiritual knowledge. When you pay attention and focus on the highest knowledge, then your needs are fulfilled even before time.

Inner joy and true happiness alone can stop the feverishness in society that arises through desires. This kind of inner joy and happiness can only be achieved through knowledge. It is a matter of joy that The Art of Living is bringing together the various communities of the world. The core of every religion and culture is love, and The Art of Living is also based on the same principle of LOVE, I do not want anything and I am here for you”. More and more people around the world should be able to develop the ability to say this.

If everyone starts to think like this, this world will become heaven. If everyone only thinks of taking something from someone, then we will continue to see the current world situation.

We are developing the world to make it a heaven, and it feels very good to see it happening. So every day we move forward with this belief that I am yours. Love, action, fun and celebration are all present in this knowledge. All of this comes from the knowledge.

Guruji's Darshan

So on Sunday, I planned my trip to Ashram with my son (His Birthday was on Monday and he could be free to accompany me only on Sunday). I enquired what time was the Satsang. We were told that on Sunday, it was 4.30- 6 PM. Till 3 PM we were enjoying our lunch in a lovely restaurant and as soon as we got to know of the time, we decided to immediately rush for the Satsang. Ashram is about an hour drive from the main city. Now Guruji was in Goa and was supposed to come the same evening by evening flight which landed at 6 PM. So, I knew, by the time, he would reach Ashram, it would be 9 PM or so. In my heart, I was thinking, "Oh I would miss Guruji's Darshan. I wish, I could see him. But does not matter, I should go for Satsang etc." We reached Ashram on time. There was of course no trace of Guruji. But, the place, as always had a festive atmosphere. There were so many saints from all over India. I saw muslim mullas, doing their Namaaz, right in front of Vishalakshi Mantap. I saw Sikh Gurus, Asaramji was there. Everyone praying together. Such spirit can co exist only in Art Of Living Ashram.

So I sat looking at the empty seat of Guruji and still thought, oh how I wish, I could see Guruji. And trust me, Guruji's Grace is such that you just have to connect to HIM and he grants wishes and gives you on the platter. And there I saw him getting out of his car, right before the Satsang began at 4.30. I had uncontrollable tears of joy seeing HIM. Everyone around was elated.

Guruji most humbly greeted all the saints before HE sat. Then, He spoke about Jain culture, about forgiving and forgiveness. How we were supposed to ask for forgiveness and forgive also. There were so many Jain Gurus too who had come to meet Guruji.

In the end, he asked, whose Birthday it was. My son's Birthday was next day on Monday. But I asked him to stand. He was blessed by Guruji and the whole crowd there wished him and they sang for him. Guruji just gives. Gives so much that one is so filled and complete. He asks for nothing but Love.

Below are few pictures of our trip. The Satsang was held in Yagyashala.

All over Bangalore, there were these hoardings- Join over 500 religious Leaders in the United Campaign against HIV and AIDS

As soon as I saw Guruji, coming and sitting, I had tears of joy. I could not believe it, how he answers even a smallest wish.

After the Satsang, me and my son were soaking in the beauty of this most magnificent place- Vishalkshi Mantap. It looked like complete heaven.

Now I was greedy. Dil Maange more. What to do, Guruji's Darshan is never enough. So I decided that, next morning, which was Monday, I was coming to the Ashram again. Guruji does Rudra Puja on Monday and it is very powerful Puja to attend. It is a true blessing to do this Puja. The Puja was to start at 7 AM. This meant that I had to start as early as 5 AM to be there on time. But how could I ever miss it. It also happened to be my son's Birthday. So there I was all fresh and happy. Attended Rudra Puja. There were more than 500 priests which performed it together, chanting mantras in harmony. Just could not take my eyes off my Dear Guruji throughout and I had a big smile.

                                              And the morning view of Vishalakshi Mantap

And finally me. All happy after Rudra Puja.

And so strange, after this I got the following message

Dear ones,
In the view of Art of Living national teacher's refresher meet (TRM) at Bangalore ashram ONLY on September 29, 30 & October1st,] Ashram will be closed for general visitors.

Housing & Satsang will be restricted ONLY for the course participants & TRM participants.

Request, you to kindly spread the message in your followups, satsangs & information centres.

So I was meant to have Guruji's Darshan. And what splendid one at that. Truly Blessed.

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Sanyas

Sanyas means what? I am nothing and I want nothing, or I am everything and I have everything. And Sanyas is being colorless or multicolored. Your association or company can either elevate you or push you down. Company causes first an attraction and then delusion. This keeps your mind swinging between the two extremes and causes love and hatred. With the power of Knowledge and Satsang you can rise above this dilemma.

- Sri Sri

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

SUTRA: “To calm the mind, be friendly and compassionate, and finally ignore if needed. Ignore the imperfection and keep your mind calm.”- Sri Sri…

Jai Gurudev!

Art Of Living Course

Next Art of Living Part 1 Course- Date- 12-17 October.
12-15 Oct- 6 PM-9 PM. 16-17 Oct-10 AM-4 PM. The cornerstone of this course is unique and powerful breathing technique called Sudershan Kriya, which releases stress and brings your mind into the present moment. For more information and pre registration, follow this link.

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Balance & Discipline

People who are free, regret that they don't have discipline. They keep promising that they will become disciplined. People who are disciplined look for the end. (Discipline is not an end in itself, it is a means.)

Look at the people who have no discipline; they are miserable. Freedom without discipline is absolute misery. Discipline without freedom is suffocating.

Orderliness is monotonous and chaos is stressful.

We have to make the discipline free and the freedom disciplined.

People who are in company all the time, they look for the comforts of solitude. People who are in solitude, feel so lonely and want to be in company.

People who are in a cold place want to be in a warm place. People who are in a warm place love something cool.

This is the dilemma of life: Everyone is looking for perfect balance. Perfect balance is like a razor's edge. It can only be found in the self.

There is no road to this town and there are no steps to this house.

How do you get in? Figure it all out.

SUTRA: "Bad thoughts, and good thoughts come and go. Don’t become attached to them. If you try, and resist bad thoughts they will persist. Just let them be."- Sri Sri...- Sri Sri

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Intention
Intentions keep the tension in. Being hollow and empty means dropping all intentions. Within tension, rest does not become deep. Devotion dissolves intentions. Intention pushes you to the future. Bliss is always present. The one who wakes up to this truth is wise. In a state of bliss, once in a while, if an intention comes up, it manifests effortlessly. The more intentions you have, the more in tension you will be. To minimize your intentions could be your last intention.

- Sri Sri

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

SUTRA: "Living like a child without apprehension is called surrender. Thinking that everybody belongs to me and just believe in that is surrender."- Sri Sri…

'Navratri' means Nine Nights; nights when you give rest to your body, mind and soul, by going deep within and resting in the very source from where you are born. Nine nights are precious as they have subtle energy. The subtle is enriched. There are 64 divine mother impulses which govern the subtle creation.
These are responsible for restoring all earthly and spiritual benefits. These nine nights are celebrated to rekindle those divine impulses and celebrate the innermost depth of our lives.

Rest your mind & intellect in the Divine energy

Vipaksh baadhane pratipaksh bhaavanaam

Our scriptures provide three main philosophies:
Nyaay (Logic)

After that we have Yoga.

Nyaay: What we learn, we understand and analyze how correct it is - Analyzing the difference between what we hear and what we infer. This way of finding out the truth is Nyaay.

In the Vaisheshika method, the object and its characteristics are analyzed. If sugar is not sweet, would you still call it sugar? Objects have characteristics. In this way, place and time are also considered as objects because of their characteristics. Time affects the mind and intellect. Our mind feels and perceives differently in the morning than it does in the evening.
The placement of planets also affects the mind. Sometimes faith arises in the mind, sometimes hatred envelopes the mind. It is natural for different waves of emotions to rise in the mind.
I am separate from all this, I am Atma. Contemplating on this is the sign of intelligence.

Once you have considered the changing objects, rest your mind in that which never changes. This is Sankhya Yoga. What is Bhakti? Resting your mind and intellect in Divine energy. This is all that you need to do. 

When your faith is shaky, cure it by taking blessings from elders. Do yoga. 

Friendliness, compassion and ignoring. To calm the mind, be friendly and compassionate, and finally ignore if needed. Ignore the imperfection and keep your mind calm. Hating somebody is like drinking poison. And more so, never hate wise people! Patanjali says, “Awaken the opposite emotion.” This is sadhana. If anger arises, awaken compassion, and a new chemical process will be initiated. ‘Vipaksh baadhane pratipaksh bhavanaam.’

This is why we remember the Guru - the chemical process changes immediately, and enthusiasm, joy and non-attachment arises naturally. 

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Intensify Your Longing
Sri Sri Attainment of the Divine depends dn the intensity of longing and not on the time and qualification.

There is a proverb among the villagers in India, which says that it may take some time to pluck a flower but it takes no time to meet the Divine ! Abilities, qualifications are not the criteria. It is simply the intensity of your longing.

Intensify your longing for the Divine right away. This you can do when you know that you want nothing and you are nothing.

Suneeta: If we are nothing and we want nothing, how can longing come?

Sidappa: Knowing you are nothing and you want nothing brings belongingness:

....and belongingness intensifies longing.

Bill: What is the difference between desire and longing?

Sri Sri: Desire is the fever of the head. Longing is the cry of the heart.

* * *

Dear Friends,

If you have any spiritual or a personal query/question; you may write to -

Sankey Tank pictures

This is a real episode told by one of Art Of Living teacher- Shiva Bhayia, to me, personally.
He had a high paying job in US, had swanky cars, owned his own lake facing house, more than 30 high end designer watches etc etc. Once he got a bonus of some jaw dropping amount and was really elated. He had known Guru ji for a while by then. So, happily, he went up to Guru ji and told him about his bonus and said that he wanted to give that amount as charity to AOL. Guru ji told him- "Tu mujhe kya dega? Tera jo bhi hai woh mera hi diya to hai" (What will you give to me? Whatever you own, has been given to you by me only." Shiva Bhayia told me- "Kiran Ji, that moment I died thousand deaths and realized something much more bigger". Today, he is full time Art Of Living teacher and stays with his family in Bangalore Ashram. He is so happy. He says, "I have seen it all, done it all. I work for the best organization of the world, for the best CEO of the world". 

Anyways, the reason, why I just told this small episode was to tell you, little- reason for my ecstasy, that I had stated in my previous post. I am just back from a trip to Bangalore. More about my trip to Ashram, meeting Guru Ji etc in my next post. But yes, Guru ji gave me life time of joy and happiness during my this trip. I do not have to ask for a thing. He takes care of everything and anything which is missing in my life. I had such a Blissful time there that it is simply hard to describe in words. He had said right- "Tu mujhe kya dega?" That is why, I had stated in my previous post- I had the time of my Life and I never felt like this before......

Anyways, lets have a fashion post. I had been reading in few Bangalore based fashion blogger's blog a lot about Sankey Tank in Bangalore. This was definitely on my 'to do' list. So here are my pictures of Sankey Tank in Bangalore. 

Dress: Roxy, (Gift from sister- Thank you Komal. It is my favorite color and combination).
Bag: Burberry
Sandals: Salvatore Ferragamo

Clip: Gift from sister.

26 September, 2010


My present state of mind-

I had the time of life and I never felt like this before....

Why, how, etc, Not now. Let me just enjoy this ecstasy.

Anyway- still in a flash back. Pictures from my previous trip to Jim Corbett

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Organization & Devotion

Organization is control. Devotion is chaos!

Organization needs attention to details, a material awareness. Organization is being worldly.

Devotion is getting lost, forgetting the world, being in ecstasy.

These are opposite in nature. They don't go together, yet they cannot be apart or exist without each other. No organization can arise without devotion. When there is so much devotion, you simply want to organize. Devotion brings faith, compassion, and responsibility. With responsibility and caring, you want to give knowledge, wisdom, and love. Then organization happens. So organization exists through devotion.

If you are devoted, you won't just sit. The nature of devotion is to give. If you think you are devoted and you are not caring for the world, then you are merely selfish. Real devotion means being one with the Divine, and the Divine cares for the world.

Often you lose devotion in organizing. And often in the name of devotion you create chaos and disregard the organization. You have to be a saint to be both in organization and devotion. If you have both, you are on the mark. So . . .

Get lost and be guided!

- Sri Sri
SUTRA: "True relaxation gives you happiness, kindles human values in you, sharpens your intellect, and makes you creative and skillful."- Sri Sri...

Jai Gurudev!
|| Jai Guru Dev ||

24 September, 2010

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Desire & Joy

SUTRA: "Don't worry about if your devotion is matured or not. Know that devotion is there. Never think that you don't have devotion or you lack devotion." - Sri Sri

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Desire & Joy
All desires are for happiness. That is the goal of desire, isn't it? How often does your desire lead you to the goal? But have you thought about the nature of desire? It simply means tomorrow, and not now, isn't it? Joy is never tomorrow. It is always now.

How can you have desires when you are joyful? And how can you really be joyful now when you have desires? Desire appears to lead you to happiness. In fact it cannot. And that is why it is Maya. What do you say?

- Sri Sri

* * *

Dear Friends,

Guruji has urged all of us visit the Global Art Of Living Website at least once everyday. Let us all be in knowledge & get enriched.
Spread the Word!!
Art Of Living Website for Entire Globe!

|| Jai Guru Dev ||


SUTRA: "Having a Guru is to be able to smile all the time, walking with confidence, being fearless & to have a vision. & that is wisdom."- Sri Sri.
Jai Guru Dev Beloved Divine Friends

It is when life feels like a struggle that we must focus on knowledge. Even Arjuna was not first told to fight. He was told to be in knowledge and meditation. Only then should we work. Always be in knowledge and then work. To get knowledge we don’t need to go to the Himalayas. Knowledge can come even in the activities of everyday life.

Often people ask, “Why do we pray to so many gods and goddess?” The Paramatma (the Divine) is one, yet called by different names. Just as with the same flour, we may make noodles sometimes and on another occasion, samosa (an Indian snack) or something else. It is still all the same flour. In the same way, it is the same Paramatma that we evoke through different names, forms and colors.

Charge up!
Do you use a cell phone? If you keep on pressing numbers but there is no SIM card inside, will it work? Now if you have the SIM card and no range, will it work? If the range and SIM card are there, but no charge, will it work? Sadhana is the SIM card, range is faith. If you pray and claim that God didn’t hear, you don’t have a SIM card. No prayer will work. The charge is satsang. Temples and Gurudwaras are places to charge up.

Nature has its own means of balance. If you observe nature, you will see that the five elements which form its basis are opposed to each other. Water destroys fire, fire destroys air. Then there are so many species in nature – the birds, reptiles, mammals; all these different species are hostile towards each other, and yet nature balances them out. We need to learn from nature how to balance opposing forces, within ourselves and in the world around us

The word Shambho means to realize how beautiful the Divine is, how beautiful the creation and the Self is! It is a miracle how the same consciousness is present in every being in this creation! There is no other miracle greater than this. How did this One become so many? This tradition of moving from many to one is so unique. Yoga and meditation is necessary for that!

Divinity permeates everything in this Earth. Puja is not complete without honoring the trees, mountains, rivers, Earth and the people living on the Earth. Honoring everyone is Dakshina. Da means to give and Dakshina means giving something that will cleanse us of all impurities. Offering with which all your sins vanish. No puja is complete without Dakshina. When we act in society with skill and free from the distortions of the mind, all negative tendencies like anger, worries, sorrow are destroyed. I will say give your tensions, worries and sorrows as Dakshina

Theory of relativity
One of the names of Lord Shiva is Virupaksha - meaning one who is formless yet sees all. We know that there is air all around us and we can feel the air as well. But what if the air also starts feeling you? Space is all around us, we identify space. But what if space also recognizes and feels your presence? This happens. Only we don’t know it. Scientists know this and they call it the theory of relativity.

Shiva tattva
The Divine is all around you and is seeing you. He doesn’t have a form. He is the formless core of existence and the goal. He is the seer, sight and the scene. This formless Divinity is Shiva. Just simply wake-up and experience this Shiva tattva.

We think Shiva is somewhere else sitting with a snake around his neck. Shiva is one in whom everything has taken birth, who encompasses everything right this moment, and in whom everything in creation dissolves. Every form you see in this creation is all his form.

Tapa and yoga
Tapo yoga gamya - One who can be known through tapa and yoga. The Shiva tattva can be experienced in the knowledge of the Vedas. The state of Shivoham (I am Shiva), Shiva kevaloham (there is only Shiva) is attained.

Jai Guru Dev.

Dear All, Hearty Greetings from the Ashram Team! The much-awaited Navaratri will be celebrated between 8th- 17th October 2010, at our Bangalore Art of Living International Headquarters. We would be happy to see you in Ashram during this time. In case you are not able to make it, there is still good news for you.
Watch LIVE WebCast of Pujas/Homas from 13th October to 16th October 2010!!!To Register and view more details on Webcast and visit: http://www.facebook.com/l/8d583V6aue66QgDsvXjWMx-ZfQQ;www.vvmvp.org/NavaratriWebcast2010/tabid/98/Default.aspxOrOpen http://www.facebook.com/l/8d583JAB5uaOdVWcFATiOPjVHcQ;www.vvmvp.org and click the Navaratri Webcast 2010 Link in the Left Menu

Please share this with everyone!

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Heat Of Knowledge
For your prayer to be answered, the desire has to be intense. The greater the intensity of desire and the later it gets fulfilled, then greater will be the gratitude.

lntense desire leads you to devotion. For desire to get intense, time and the need for the desire are required. The feeling of gratitude is so overwhelming after the fulfillment of desire that it's achievement loses its charm and significance.

The son of a farmer in India had a life-long desire to go to England and he prayed deeply for it. Even the news of his trip to England materializing filled him with immense gratitude -- he did not even care whether he went or not.

Often people think that they are unfortunate if their desires don't get fulfilled quickly. lntense desire can frustrate you or make you prayerful. In prayerfulness, there is gratitude and devotion. Any intense experience makes you whole.

Your consciousness is like corn. With the heat of Knowledge, consciousness pops ups and becomes white and fluffy.

- Sri Sri

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

22 September, 2010

Thank you Guruji

Today I had an appointment with my dentist. And let me tell you, I am so scared of going to him. Although, he is so brilliant in his job, but I guess my pain bearing threshold is too low. So I switched on my Art Of Living music and clutched to Guruji's picture. Trust me it helped. In fact, it helped big time. Guruji was with me throughout. This is how He is always there for me.
Well so moving on-
SUTRA: "Forgiveness shield and protects your mind, your spirit, from being violent." - Sri Sri.
And here is outfit of the day. 

 Dress: Springfield
Bag: Burberry
Location: Jim Corbett

21 September, 2010

I am loving it.

After a long gap, I am doing a pure fashion post. Yes, of late, it was lot of work that was occupying my time. But a holiday to Jim Corbett, gave me an opportunity to try my new camera that I gifted to myself. It is Canon SLR, EOS, 500 D. Can you spot the difference in the quality of pictures? I am still learning though.

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Desire For Truth

Buddha said that desire is the cause of all misery. If your desire does not get fulfilled, it leads to frustration and causes misery. Even if it does get fulfilled, it leaves you empty.

Vashishtha said that desire is the cause of pleasure. You get pleasure from an object or a person only when you desire them. When you do not desire an object, you do not get pleasure from it. For example, when a person is hot and thirsty, a sip of cold water gives him pleasure; but not if he is not thirsty. Whatever gives you pleasure binds you and bondage is misery.

Sri Sri says when you desire for truth, all other desires drop off. You always desire for something that is not there. But, truth is always there! Desire for truth removes all other desires and it itself dissolves. And what remains is bliss.

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: How Does A Desire Arise?

1. A desire arises with the memory of a pleasant experience and past impressions.

2. A desire might arise through listening.

3. A desire can be triggered through the association of certain people and a place.

4. Someone else's need or desire may manifest in you as your own desire, e.g. when someone is hungry, you get a desire to feed them or someone wants to talk to you and you get a desire to talk to them.

5. The destiny or a happening in which you have a part to play may trigger a desire of which you have no idea. For example, a gentleman in Quebec, Canada kept making roads and working on a farm for 30 years, not knowing for what -- for it was destined to become our Canadian Ashram.

- Sri Sri

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

SUTRA: "You are the Reality. You are not the thoughts, you are not the emotions nor actions. You are not even a person." - Sri Sri

Cutie Pie

Like I said in my earlier post, I am having a blast with my two year old nephew. I can't describe how cute he is and how much fun I am having with him, just watching his little acts, listening to his baby talks- he calls me massi. We have our special song that we sing together and games that we play. He gives me his adorable naughty look and does those small acts that make me so happy. I am reliving the memories when my sons were small. These are my cherished moments. He has his own blog that you can see here.

20 September, 2010

Jim Corbett

I am in a holiday mood. Taken a break from work. I was traveling to a beautiful place- Jim Corbett with my parents, sister and her two year old adorable son. We had so much fun. It was a complete relaxing holiday. All we did was eat, sleep, play (billiards and table tennis). Besides, I was enjoying the chit chat of my two year old nephew.

These are our pictures of the first day, when we had just reached.