30 September, 2013

Sunday milonga in Instituto Cervantes

Sunday milonga de mis Amores in Instituto Cervantes. 
Yours Truly is leading.

Now this one is very funny. Super hilarious.

And we changed the roles. Now I am following.

End of the milonga, I had taken off my heels and we were just posing.

Some group pictures. New budding Tangueros. 


Bonding time.

And finally, we were all hungry to eat a little. 

29 September, 2013

Attending a friend's Birthday party

It was a friend's Birthday. The venue was Fio near Nehru place metro station. 
I have worn this AM PM dress million times before on this blog. Shown it before here, here, here, and maybe many more times. But I quite like it. It is OK to repeat classic pieces in your wardrobe.

25 September, 2013

Tuesday Milonga in Delhi

Pictures of my regular Tuesday Milonga- Milonga de mis amores. It is nice to see the Tango community expanding. The new enthusiast Tango lovers joining New Delhi Tango school.