23 March, 2014

Time to go

Dear readers,

It is time for me to take a break from technology. I have done this earlier too on this blog, here.
For few days I am away from blogging.
I promise to be back with a bang. Time to refresh and recharge myself. Time to go off the radar like I had gone here before.

18 March, 2014

Snooping on your ex is very uncool

People have difficulty in moving on post break up. Internet offers anonymity and people often snoop on their ex's to find out what is going on in their lives. They post posts or pictures specially to evoke reaction from their ex. They play games intentionally and post things on social media to appear to be in the lead. This way you harm yourself more than you ever realize. You keep yourself addicted to that person. You cling to your past. It is tempting to do a quick search on a particular person. Adhere to the following rules post break up.

1. If you have "broken up and made up" many times, you are in a dangerous relationship. It is not going to last. It is not something that is meant to be. Be brave and come out of it, for once and for all.
2. Changing one's personality is not easy. You can give up a certain bad habit but if your ex's claim that they have changed completely, do not believe it. Changing one's personality, temper, temperament or mood swing is difficult.
3. No contact is the best way to deal with your ex. No communication over Facebook, whatsapp, message, phone, through friends or relatives. Nothing. To get over your ex, hit the gym, go for movie, go out with friends but do not sit and sulk.
4. Snooping on your ex is really bad. It reflects badly on you. If you try to get news of your ex through their co-workers, friends, employees, etc., it is shameful. You might be trying to get cheap thrills by knowing that they are suffering after being away from you but it is not going to be good in the long run for your peace of mind. If you have broken up, stop trying to pry into your ex's life. Even if your common friend or a co-worker comes and tells you any information, do not encourage or give ear to it. Tell this person very firmly that you are not interested to know. That you should not be told anything. You will see, you will feel so light, so good, so clean. At the end of the day, if you have earned respect in your own eyes, you have conquered the world. What is really important is to live with dignity and also to let go of your ex in a dignified manner. In Punjabi, there is a saying, "Jis raah nahin jaana, us waah ki paana." Loosely translated in English, it means, the path you do not have to tread you need not know about it or deal with it. 
All said and done, you have been in a relationship. Just because, for some reason, things did not work out between the two of you (or maybe things turned sour), does not mean that now you should be so bitter that you start snooping on your ex. You might be considered the best lover- most giving, very romantic, very passionate, etc. etc. but how you deal with things post your break up, really defines you- as a person and as a human being. That is equally or more important, than being a good lover. 
5. Nothing in this world should be more important than your own health, happiness and peace of mind. You will get all this only once you have come out clean. Hold no grudge. Do not try to harm or bad mouth your ex. Do not be inquisitive about your ex. Do not try to find through sources or through online what is going on in his/her life. Let them go gracefully. Only then you will be liberated. 

Breakups happen for a reason — to help us find a person we’re more compatible with and can share our lives with. Hanging on to what you used to have through spying on your ex just delays your life’s journey in finding a more suitable partner.

Saree drapes

This season, what is really inspiring to see on the ramp and off the ramp too, are the different ways, the saree is being draped. Not only is it very stylish but also very contemporary. It no longer remains run of the mill. It is coming up as a very modern ensemble and is draped to give a very chic look. I am certainly going to experiment with these drapes. What do you think?

16 March, 2014

Argentine Tango- Kiran Sawhney and Leon Harris

To learn Argentine Tango in New Delhi, please check

To buy the same shoes by Mis Amores, check
These are picture no 21.

Dressing ethnic

This is me, having a relaxed weekend. As stated earlier, here, this season my mood is to dress up in traditional Indian wear, simple, ethnic, elegant, cool and comfortable.
It amuses me to see how many people follow this blog regularly. And how many people really let it affect them. It is a blog about me. Me, who is unafraid to be myself, who makes no efforts to conceal her vulnerability, who does not believe in stereotypes, who is absolutely not interested to know anything about people's lives, who is least interfering, who has a mind of her own and believes in minding her own business, who runs away from controversies, who wants to lead her life her way- simple and straight, who follows her heart, her mind and her passions.

Write to me and tell me why do you like to follow this blog.

What I am wearing is a cotton Kurti, hand embroidered with neat pin tucks, bought from Dastkaar Nature Bazar. I mentioned about my shopping trip here. I want to go there again.

Argentine Tango- Kiran Sawhney and Leon Harris

Argentine Tango- Kiran Sawhney and Leon Harris

15 March, 2014

Handloom sarees of India.

Wearing a handloom saree from my collection to one of the social gatherings.

14 March, 2014

What if.......?

"A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity"- Robert A. Heinlein
What is the root cause of Insecurity? Why do people live in fear? Why does this question hover in your mind- What if.....?
"It is insecurity that is always chasing you and standing in the way of your dreams"- Vin Diesel.
What if I loose my job? 
What if so and so dies?
What if I do not have enough money when I retire?
What if I am not able to complete my project on its deadline?
What if my competitor moves ahead of me?
What if the project I am working on is not successful?

What if....?
We are loosing out on our precious present moment by being bogged down thinking about the future. Thinking about "what if", we make back up plans and more back up plans. We want to lead a fool proof life. And we get frustrated when our plans backfire.

To come out of this, "What if", simple mantra is to live in the present moment. Do your Karma without expectations and last but not the least, be self sufficient and independent. Believe in yourself and in Supreme power. Nothing and nobody should give you insecurity.

13 March, 2014


I had written a post here earlier, how it is sexy to venture out alone. Last Friday I had seen the bollywood movie, Queen. It completely resounded and restated what my blog post said.
The protagonist of the movie, Kangna Ranaut, goes out to her honeymoon alone and discovers herself and her own life. She comes back as much more confident person. She faces the challenges but also has a great time all by herself. She makes new friends and a young, timid girl blooms to become assertive and phlegmatic person.
Going out together in a group or with a gang of friends might be very cool. It is considered "happening" to be hanging out together, drinking, dancing, etc. But you know what is even cooler? It is to stand alone from the crowd, all by yourself. Sitting in a cafe, with your favorite book. Not really "needing" anyone else. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making friends and being with your peers. But do not let anyone take away that feeling of being "self reliant". Never be dependent on anything or anyone. No one is indispensable.
One of my dear friend told me, "Kiran, you say that you need someone with you to teach Tango. But No, you do not. You teach it independently very well. You do not need anyone." The words felt so good. It was like revelation to me. It seemed like some burden had been taken off from my shoulders. It made me feel so light and independent.
Whenever you are in total control, independent and solo, you become a better person. Not being dependent on anything other than your own self is very reassuring.
Once I was talking to a colleague. He is also a fitness trainer and we do exchange notes very frequently and give ideas to each other. I was sharing with him, how I feel so dependent on my studio. I was telling him how I cannot train my clients in any other place other than my studio. So he casually asked, " Why, when your studio is not there, you forget all about fitness? You forget all your basics- whatever we have studied- The Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology". And I replied, "no". That was another revelation for me. It reassured me that I am not dependent on my studio.
I was taught, never to be dependent on anything, to be fiercely independent and self reliant. I was taught not to have any addiction of any kind. So I remained away from anything addictive like tea, coffee, etc. Yes, I got addicted and hooked to Tango and do need my Tango fix.
If you are not weighed down by anything, you automatically feel so light and uplifted. You feel alive and kicking. You get your wings to fly.

12 March, 2014


10 Different Styles of skirts

Skirts are a main part of every woman’s wardrobe and they come in many different styles. Skirts suit every age group- young girls to mature women. Skirts will always remind you of your school days. When selecting skirts, try to select the colors and patterns that compliment your body type. Colorful or printed skirts have to be matched more carefully than plain or solid ones. Below are ten different styles of skirts. You can style each skirt differently and accessorize them to give them casual or formal look. The choice of your footwear also gives them casual or formal look. Day time skirt can be easily given an evening look, by choosing different top or shoes or hairdo. Also it depends on the material of the skirt, whether they are casual or formal. They can be woolen material, linens, silks, taffeta or plain basic cotton skirts. They can be knee length, calf length, or ankle length. 

1. A-Line Skirt

The A - line skirt is narrow at the waist and then tapers as it reaches towards the below, like A shape. They are wider at the hemline than at the waistline. They can be knee length, calf length, or ankle length. 

2. Broomstick Skirt

Broomstick skirts are either knee-length or ankle length and they have a wrinkled appearance. 

3. Bubble Skirt

Bubble skirts  are scrunched up at the hem, giving them a bubbled look at the hemline. The length of these are almost always above the knees and they have a very playful look. 

4. Umbrella Skirt

Umbrella skirts form a perfect circle when laid out flat on the ground. To make them, a sheet of fabric is placed flat on the ground, and then a large circle is cut out of it. Then a smaller circle is cut out in the center for the waist. When worn, it drapes down around the body in waves. 

5. Mermaid Skirt

Mermaid skirts are fitted at the waist, fuller around the hips, narrow at the knees, and then they flare out at the heels.

6. Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are very short.

7. Peasant Skirt

Peasant skirts are similar to broomstick skirts without the wrinkled look. They have several horizontal layers. The layers can be made with the same fabric or they can have different fabrics for each layer.
8. Pencil Skirt
Pencil skirts are body hugging skirts. They are straight cut. They give a very formal, business look specially when worn with shirts or a blazer.

9. Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts have vertical pleats running up and down the skirt all the way around. When there is movement, the skirt appears to open up. You have an option of having it with or without pockets.

10. Wrap Skirt

Wrap skirts are made with large sheets of fabric that are designed to wrap around the waist and tie on the side of the hip. 
Some skirts can have a slit or a small opening either at the side or at the back for better movement.

How to Wear Skirts Based on Body Type

Skirts can give women an attractive, feminine look if they are worn right. Many ladies feel that skirts can only be worn by slim women with an hourglass figure. However, this is not the case because there are styles of skirts available to compliment any body type. The chart below discusses what skirts can be worn to compliment each figure.

Body Type

What to Wear

Bottom Heavy

Skirts actually flatter this figure more than pants do. Wear tapered skirts like the A-line and stay away from anything that is tight around the bottom.

Curvy Figure

Curvy figures can wear anything and are best complimented by tighter skirts that show off the body.

Flat Bottom

Flat bottomed women can wear tighter skirts to make their rear appear bigger. Skirts that are scrunched at the waistline also give the appearance of size. Avoid skirts like the A-line or fishtail that will make the bottom look flatter.

Larger Stomach

Ladies with larger stomachs can wear tapered skirts that do not have waistbands. Avoid anything that is tight around the waistline.


Those without curves can create them by selecting skirts that are shorter and fuller. Anything that adds volume to the bottom half of the body will help. Bubble skirts or anything that scrunches up at the waistline will be attractive.

Short Figure

Shorter women should not wear skirts that extend past the knees. Slimmer skirts and slightly tapered skirts will give the appearance of height.

Tall Figure

Taller women can wear calf length or knee length skirts to help break up long legs and make them look well proportioned.

Top Heavy

Top heavy women should wear the same skirts as non-curvy women. They need to add volume to the lower half of the body to create a balanced look.
Women can enhance their figure to the fullest by choosing the skirt styles that best compliment their body.

09 March, 2014

Celebrating Spring

A dear Tango friend celebrates Spring every year at his plush residence. When flowers are in full bloom. Last year pictures of open house spring celebration at his place are here. 
Today also it was a beautiful party at his place. It was a perfect setting, live music, great food and enjoyable dancing.

Below I am wearing a Tango T shirt that I received as part of my Birthday gifts, already mentioned here, here and here.
I have worn this floral skirt from express here before.

Ha ha. One of the most hilarious pictures of this blog.

And another one.