15 March, 2014

Ciro's Pomodoro in Delhi- Please avoid.

This season, my mood and my pledge is to don more of saris and Indian wear. It started with the first saree today. In winters, I was all layered up and could not have worn my handwoven saris. But as summers approach, my sarees will come out. The one I am wearing below is from my own collection that I export.
I wore it today for a lunch at Ciro's Pomodoro, in Greater Kailash-1, N Block Market.
My review about the place: Very bad. Over priced. Actually, even if I am trying very hard, I do not have one good thing to write about the place. I ended up paying Rs.1350/- (and it was a group of 20 women and each person payed this much). For this price, I got a slice of pizza, a lemonade, a piece of bruschetta and a spoon full of vegetables. Yes, there was a scoop of ice cream too. Felt cheated. AVOID going to this place by all means. If you want bad, over priced food, then this is the place to go.
While I enjoyed wearing the sari, I disliked Ciro's Pomodoro to the hilt. It was a big turn off.

P.S When I write such reviews in my blog posts, often I get requests through people to remove the blog post. I have even been offered bribe to remove it (and sometimes threat). I never remove my blog posts. So please do not even try.

Photo credits: Ajay Verma.