01 March, 2014

It is sexy to venture out alone.

"Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that is where I renew my springs that never dry up"- Pearl S. Buck

If you ask about 100 people which is their favorite book, I think 80 will say, "Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand. It is my favorite too. For the longest time after reading this book, I was absolutely in love with Howard Roark. He was my dream man. What is so special about Roark? He is dynamic, individualistic, bows to no one and does what he deems right and to his credit, succeeds against all odds. He represents the triumph of individualism over the slow stagnation of collectivism. 
I have written a post here earlier about lonely vs alone. People are so scared of being alone (or lonely) that they, have to have others around them. People need chaperons. Person who goes out unescorted might be viewed as a looser, friendless and lonely. On the contrary, I find it sexy, feisty, brave, courageous and dynamic if someone can go out all by himself/herself and chill. It depicts how comfortable you are within your own skin. Try to go for a holiday all by yourself- backpacking. Living all by yourself is super cool. Workout solo, all by yourself without any distraction. Go for a long walk or a drive alone, listening to the music you like. One day, go for a movie or a lunch or dinner all by yourself. It is more enjoyable than going with a crowd. Moreover, it has many advantages. They are:
You get up and go when and where you want to. There is no delay, waiting for someone and you do not have to do random things that others might want to do. You do exactly what you want to do, at your own pace. You can take your own sweet time, trying clothes while shopping, see the movie that you want to see, order the food that you want to eat. If you are a vegetarian (like me) and non vegetarian grosses you (like it grosses me), you do not have to endure what your friends have ordered. You can sit and enjoy what you want. There is not rush. You may chit chat with a new person and end up knowing someone new or else if you want to be all by yourself, you are not obliged to listen to anyone. Super convenient and practical. It is also more economical. 
I see all the pluses in going out alone. It is a sexy sight to see a girl or a guy all by herself/himself in a cafe, with a book or a lap top. They say it takes two to tango. But I have been even taught to dance and practice Tango solo, all by myself and believe me, it is convivial. Then why do people have a jones for being in a clique? Ever since the time of "sex and the city", city women thought, that to be seen in groups is sexy. But it is more hip to be all by yourself. 
Marilyn Monroe said, " I restore myself when I am alone."