02 March, 2014

My favorite sweater

Sometimes we have a piece in our wardrobe which is our favorite. We end up wearing it so much that probably even we do not realize it. Maybe because of its comfort or look or something. I have my favorite sweater. It is thin (pure pashmina) and really warm. I can wear it practically every day in winters. It has the right bling. It can be worn formally and casually. When I was going through my pictures, I was not surprised to see so many pictures with me wearing this sweater. Rather, I expected more. Or truth be told, I have worn it more number of times than shown here. It has been one buy completely worth it. Have a look below, how many times I have worn it, even under my outfits.

I like it so much that this year I got 4 more sweaters in different colors made. One of them can be seen below.