31 May, 2012

Bright colored lipsticks

I love bright colors and specially bright lipsticks. Fuchsia, of course, tops the list and I carry it well. I have got ample compliments about how good it looks on me.
And I do what I like to do. I do not bother about what others think. Their opinion about me does not matter. You like it, I will accept your compliment graciously. You do not like it- too bad for you. I do not like pale, dull boring nudes- ON ME. I am vibrant by nature and my colors are vibrant too.
But some hollow and empty people cannot handle my vibrance. Just goes out to show how empty and barren their own lives are that they cannot handle color. They have no other job but to even notice my lipsticks and the hemline of my dresses and seek attention by commenting on it. I guess they need another insulin shot to come out of their depressed state of affairs where there is no love in their life, no man and no children. My lipstick works well for me. Too bad if yours does not.
Unfortunately I do encounter such people in my life and get ruffled momentarily but I regain my composure instantly because I have rock solid support from my family and friends.

Taking out negativity from your life is a step towards positivity

Sometimes we do not realize things and before we realize, it is too late. But one only learns from one's mistakes. Sometimes we have people in our life that give you negative vibes. Yet, we overlook them and their mistakes because of various reasons. And then when their term in your life is over, you realize- Oh! good riddance. Now I feel so much more positive. Their moving away from your life proves to be a blessing in disguise. Never question God's scheme of things in your life. Because He has a plan for each one of us and that plan will eventually work out. And if it does not work out, "to picture abhi baaki hai mere dost". Eventually everything will be OK. Surrender and watch what is in store for you.
Sometimes it is important and better for us to take out negative people from our life. We will be happier and positive then.

29 May, 2012


My love, filled all my dreams,
Of a life I knew for sure would be.
Now with you at my side, I’m contented and complete
I feel blessed and fulfilled
For my dreaming came true, don’t you see?

I never gave up on my dreaming,
I persisted because I just knew,
A wait for real love is worth waiting,
Now you’re here, and my dreams have come true.

Stop slaughtering animals

My time to die is close now
Though I'm too tired to fight
I see many others 'round me
Struggling with all their might

My bones, my skin, my innards ache
Worn out before my years
Soon to die, and I am glad
My fatigue outweighs my fears

Many offspring I have bore
Though I have reared none
I have grieved for each of my babies,
Never known where they have gone

My life is to be extinguished
Though I am heavily with calf
I want to die, though fear for the pain
To be inflicted on this unborn life

The pain and terror of my slaughter
Will be less to bear than was my life
But I feel terror for my little one
To know nothing save the slaughterman's knife

I'm offloaded with the others
Herded and beaten to the killing floor
White eyes of terror all around me,
When my life will be extinguished, I am not sure

I'm next ... I'm restrained ... I shit myself
A bolt is held to my head
A second and it will all be over?
I welcome being dead
Please let my baby's death be quick ...

27 May, 2012

Coffee organized by my girl friend

We were all in invited for coffee by one of the girls at her residence. She had organized soooooooooo much. As you can see. I really ate so much. It was delicious and a very huge spread.
Oh yes, I had worn my cotton sari again. Love my cotton saris in summers. Sometimes a simple plain cotton sari does stand out.

26 May, 2012

Pool side party

Yesterday night, one of my friend had a private party at her place. Her home is the most beautiful home I have ever seen till date. It is better than any five star hotel lobby. She had a pool in the basement with lots of water bodies, etc. More than anything else, it was so serene and calm and gave very positive vibes. We had a rocking time partying by the pool side. We were dancing and drinking all night.