14 April, 2020

Musings during Corona times

These are diff(icult)erent times. The world is faced with a unique situation. Everyone is in the same boat. Across nations and boundaries, the whole of humanity is facing a challenge. Social distancing has become the norm. Work has come to standstill. Initially, I took a lot of time to process this new situation and information. My heart goes down to those who have lost their dear ones to COVID 19. I wonder about those who are trapped alone or with people they do not want to be locked down with.

In life, few things are very important.

Respect nature, earth, environment. Take care of humanity. Have gratitude and compassion.

Follow your dreams and passions. They keep you sane always.

Find love. It is important to be with someone who loves you, respects you, cherishes you and understands you. It is important to have a companion with similar goals, visions and passions. Caring, sharing and loving is an inherent part of human nature. Find a partner that makes you complete and brings a balance. In my book, Love, Lonely or Alone, I have talked about these concepts in detail.

Every adult has a right to be happy. As long as you are not harming anyone else, you have the right to live happily. Let no one judge you or hold you accountable for being happy. For being with someone or doing things that you love to do.

No parent is perfect. So forgive yourself as parents.

We all have good intuitive capabilities. We just ignore our intuitive voices. Listen to those. They are seldom wrong. Many times, in relationships we get the signals- an inner voice telling us and guiding us of what is right and what is wrong. Yet we choose to adjust and compromise. Later, we think that now it is too late.

Finally few lines from makeupandbeauty blog written by Sanjeev that totally inspired me. Quoting them.

"And that brings to my second wisdom. If you ever have to choose between love and money (or love and anything else) choose love. No, I am not saying this as a bourgeois peasant who doesn’t know money. I know the importance of money and how it affects your life. And I know you might find yourself wrong afterwards about choosing love. But still, choose love. If you are wrong in choosing love at some point in your life, and then again you find yourself at the same crossroad, again choose love. Again choose love. Take left. Take left. Left again. Take left. My logic is simple. Once you find love finally, you shall be happy no matter what life dishes out to you. If you do not find love, you will always be unhappy no matter what riches life brings you. So take left. Always. Till you find love."

"One last thing I want to say; your parents are not perfect. Parenting can never be perfect. To prepare a child for the future which no one has ever seen, by taking lessons from experience which is based in the past, can never be successful. But we try our best. And we are going to prepare you with skills which we feel will last even though the world will change constantly. Hope we succeed. If we don’t, don’t bother blaming us. We have already forgiven ourselves. Not our fault if you turned out to be a nincompoop. All good then. Great that we got that one straightened out."

Sharing a few quotes about my passion for dance.

To my very dear dancing friends.

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.
Angelica Monet

Dance first, think later, It's the natural order of things.
Samuel Beckett

It is with your feet that you move...but it is with your heart that you dance.
Aalaynah Thompson

There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.
Edwin Denby

I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words.
Ruth St Denis

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.
Hopi Indian Saying

It's like Dance is a metaphor for going beyond where you think you can go.
Jennifer Gray

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor it's to enjoy each step along the way.
Wayne Dyer

I do not try to Dance better than anyone else, I only try to dance better than myself.
Makhail Baryshnikov

The philosopher's soul dwells in his head, the poet's soul is in his heart, this singers soul lingers about his throat, but the Soul of a Dancer abides in all her body.
Kahlil Gibran

Dancing is wonderful training for girls, it's the first way you learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it.
Christopher Morley