23 April, 2014

Milonga- Yunta de Oro

This was another fabulous milonga, named Yunta de Oro. It was in Alsina 1465, Buenos Aires. It is on Fridays from 11pm- 6 am.
They had amazing performance by Nito and Elba. Also a live band of Herederos Del Compás. There were legendary singers Osvaldo Ramos and his famous son Pablo Ramos. Osvaldo Ramos had recorded 40 years ago, with Juan D'Arienzo. I was fortunate to meet him.

The live band.

Perormance by Nito and Elba.

Osvaldo Ramos

Father and son- Osvaldo Ramos and Pablo Ramos. They create magic with their singing.

With Pablo Ramos

With Osvaldo Ramos.

With Nito and Elba.

With a friend, María. It was her Birthday.

María with her husband.