31 August, 2018

Abir by Byloom

Today, Byloom exhibited in Delhi and I decided to wear their most humble saree- Abir to go and see/buy their collection. I have worn it here before. So this Abir has travelled to the US and today to Byloom exhibition. Read more information about Byloom and Abir here. I have one more Abir. You can see the other one here. I had a difficult time shopping/selecting from their gorgeous collection. I bought some and left quite a many with a heavy heart. 

29 August, 2018

Chanderi saree

 Here is another Birthday gift that I received from friends. It is a Chanderi saree in gorgeous peach colour and gold lotus flower motifs on body and pallu. It has a nice broad dull gold border. It is such a lovely and thoughtful gift. No women can ever say no to this. Super comfortable and elegant drape. A saree that I can wear anywhere, anytime and on any occasion.

28 August, 2018

Negamam Cotton saree

On my Birthday, a very dear friend Sharmi, gave me this saree. She said that she has never seen me wear this colour. That is true. I did not have this in my collection and I loved it. I could not wait to wear it and have worn it even before its blouse is stitched. 
This saree is from Cooptex. It is a Negamam cotton saree. These sarees are produced in and around Negamam area in Coimbatore district. These sarees are woven in trendy colours with the high-quality cotton yarn. They have big butta in the body and attractive designs in pallu using Jacquard machine.
This saree has been woven by a 36-year-old weaver named Thiru. P. Senthilkumar in a place named Vadambachery. It takes him along with his family members 2 days to weave this. In the process they move their hands and legs 20,500 times. He has been weaving for past 10 years.
Letting Sharmi know how much I like her gift. 

27 August, 2018

Cotton saree with block print

The thing I spend most on is sarees. I am a hoarder of sarees. I can buy anytime any number of sarees. But I cherish them and wear them too. I like to repeat them as often as I can. The one below has been previously worn with different blouses and accessories here and here.
It is a very comfortable cotton saree with ghicha pallu and amazing block print.

26 August, 2018

A special day celebrated with saree friends

As you can see from the pictures, the theme today was indigo/blue sarees. My super special and dear friends adhered to the theme and they all looked resplendent. We gathered in Delhi Golf Club and bonded with each other over warps and wefts of sarees. These are my saree friends. We connect with handloom and handwoven stories. There is so much warmth and positivity in this group. We connect from the core and lift the spirits up. 
Details about the saree that I wore are here.