28 August, 2018

Negamam Cotton saree

On my Birthday, a very dear friend Sharmi, gave me this saree. She said that she has never seen me wear this colour. That is true. I did not have this in my collection and I loved it. I could not wait to wear it and have worn it even before its blouse is stitched. 
This saree is from Cooptex. It is a Negamam cotton saree. These sarees are produced in and around Negamam area in Coimbatore district. These sarees are woven in trendy colours with the high-quality cotton yarn. They have big butta in the body and attractive designs in pallu using Jacquard machine.
This saree has been woven by a 36-year-old weaver named Thiru. P. Senthilkumar in a place named Vadambachery. It takes him along with his family members 2 days to weave this. In the process they move their hands and legs 20,500 times. He has been weaving for past 10 years.
Letting Sharmi know how much I like her gift. 

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