29 June, 2011

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Atlantis, where I stayed, has its own Marine and water Park, dolphin bay, Aquaventure, The Lost Chambers. Have a virtual tour of the place here on this link.

What I am wearing:
Bag: Massimo Dutti
Watch: Rado
Shoes: Miu Miu

28 June, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

Dubai is a shopper's paradise. Although, now every brand is available in India, but there are still a few, that are my top favorite, and do not have their outlets in India. Below, is an example of one. I felt like Alice in wonderland there. What an enriching experience?
And yes, all pictures are candid shots, shot by my son. I could not have bothered to pose during such enchanting moments.

What I am wearing;
Dress: Gift from a friend, from my favorite brand Derhy.
Basic T: Zara
Bag: Massimo Dutti
Watch: Rado
Shoes: ..............

Kiran- with and without make up

The picture above, sans any make up, is aptly/coincidentally shot against the backdrop of chains.
And the picture below, with make up, is shot against illuminated, radiant, lamp.
What does a make up do to a woman?
I had a great time in Dubai shopping for some make up products by Benefit. 
I also found some celebrity pictures with and without make up. 

What I am wearing:
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Watch: Guess

27 June, 2011

Atlantis hotel- View from room

I stayed at Atlantis in Dubai. You can see more images of the hotel at this link.
All of this, was the view from my room, shot from my camera, by me.
You can have more information about the hotel on this link.

Dubai Trip

Where do I start writing after a long gap? First, let me thank all the new followers and those of you who leave your precious comments. They do mean a lot to mean. I do visit your blogs too. But as of now, I am unable to leave a comment on each one of your blogs due to extreme time constraints. But I shall be back soon.

Now lets see what I have been doing. On 15th, I left for a short trip to Dubai. More pictures and descriptions will follow. But here is the picture for 15th. It was extremely hectic day with lot of running around. Hence, absolute no make up, tired, after journey, bloated, look.

What I am wearing:
Muslin hand made Tunic: Bought from Puducherry
Linen trousers: Wills
Shoes: Clarks. To see a clearer picture click this link.
Bag: Louis Vuitton

21 June, 2011

Another similar Sari

If you have been following my blog for some time now, you know about my fascination/love for Saris. I can write a book on the subject. (I might one day).
In Bollywood, the person whose Saris I admire the most, is Kirron Kher. She has some style.
Then, I also like people like Aamla. So I am thrilled to see a similar (not exactly the same) Sari that Aamla is wearing, that I have already featured on my blog.

Article about Kiran Sawhney

Article about me/ my favorite holiday destination has been recently published in The Telegraph here.
Check the online link here

This is what it says

My favourite holiday
Kiran Sawhney,
Fitness expert

One of the best holidays that I’ve had was in New Zealand about two to three years back. My husband, sons and I drove from Auckland in the north to Queensland in the south, all in a span of 20 days. Along the way we visited a glacier, watched dolphins, visited a dormant volcano and went zorbing and bungee jumping, amongst other things. The landscape was acres and acres of barren land. It was beautiful and at the same time, scary. The food too was great with really crunchy and fresh vegetables available everywhere. It was a great adventure-cum-sporty holiday.

15 June, 2011

My article in Wedding Affair

This article of mine is published in the latest Wedding Affair that is on the stands.

My Fitness Show

I am regularly on air on on NDTV 24/7 channel. Monday to Friday. Morning 7.30AM.
My show is called Fit for Life.
It is going to be short, mini capsule on fitness.
I will soon be posting videos of the same.

In this whole Razzmatazz following Baba Ramdev, many channels and publications have asked my take on him.
People have seen the reality Now. I have gone on air publicly many a times and have spoken anti him and his tactics and gimmicks. I never ever believed in him and his ways in the first place.

He had made false claims that doing certain Yoga can "cure" diabetes, turn your grey hair black again.
I have gone on record to burst this myth.
You may rub your nails against each other all your life and still your grey hair will remain grey. (Unlike what he preaches that doing this 15 minutes a day, will turn them black). But, I can assure you that 15 minutes of good hair color/dye, will change the color of your hair, to your desired color.

No amount of Kapalbhati will ever "cure" diabetes. Yoga can prevent, can keep your insulin levels in check. But if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, yoga cannot cure it completely.

Yes, Ramdev did promote Yoga. But so did many others. Also he misled quite a number of people by exaggerating the benefits of yoga. He almost made Yoga like Rajnikanth- cure for every possible thing, including AIDES. One look at his distorted shape is an evidence enough that yoga cannot cure everything.

He himself himself has so much black money. What is he talking about? Corruption and black money.
How does this man has a private island, assets worth hundreds of crores. Yeah, he will say through donation.
High time that the world knows about his PR agency which made him a Baba. He is no Guru.
Anyone can become a Baba or Maa like that and start preaching.
Actually no. I can't. Because, I love my life, my socializing, my dancing, my fashionable clothes and also I cannot over exaggerate the effects of yoga.

People have asked my take on my Guru Sri Sri RaviShankarji supporting Ramdev.
All I would say is, I do believe and would continue to believe in Him.
What He is doing and why He is doing, only He knows. (Unki leela wahi jaane).
He has equal love and compassion for everyone. 

11 June, 2011

Same Sari

Same Sari that I am wearing is worn in more glamorous manner below.
Above, I had worn mine for Art Of Living discourse. Hence, a deglamorized version.

Transform your looks and groom your personality

All of us, today want to look stunning. And it is possible. How can you make that possible? You need

A good cosmetic surgeon
A dermatologist
A cosmetic dentist
A designer/stylist/Make up artist/ Hair stylist
A fitness expert
Grooming and etiquette expert
A photographer
PR agency

And your job is done. 

Fitnesolution is expanding and doing overall personality grooming.
We have all the experts as our panelists. We are helping people to completely transform. 
If you are looking for overall personality grooming, media relations, you can contact us.