31 March, 2012

Magic Skirt

I had bought this magic skirt in Hawaii. It is a magic skirt because it can be worn in so many ways. I have worn a longer version of it here in so many ways. Check the earlier post here. 
The hand made booties are from Auroville. You can see them worn here before.
Check here how there are innumerable ways of wearing "The magic Skirts", as they call it.

There is this wonderful video also that shows how to wear the magic skirt

30 March, 2012

My Chanderis supplied to bollywood female actors

Both the saris seen below have been supplied by me to their stylists. The black Chanderi is from the collection as seen above. 

The one below is from collection above. Of course, it is not the same piece as the one worn by Manisha Koirala, which was picked separately. 


Candice Pinto and Manasvi Mamgai

Sussanne Khan

My navratra food

When I am fasting for all Navratras (which is 9 days), I do not want to ever have rich, heavy food. My staple diet all throughout is the following dish. Besides, this I have yogurt, cottage cheese or other form of fresh cheese, cucumber, fruits and nuts.

Seen below
Saboodana ki khichdi
Saboodana (tapioca) looks like this when it is unsoaked.

In less than a spoon of oil, add cumin seeds. Saute tomatoes and a boiled potato in it. Some people do not eat tomatoes during navratras. I do.

After that add sabudana, which has been soaked overnight.

Add sendha namak (rock salt) to it and let it cook, till it turns color as below. It becomes transparent.

Enjoy the dish.

More info about Sabudana-
Tapioca is a starch extracted from Cassava (Manihot esculenta). This species is native to Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, from where the plant was spread by Portuguese and Spanish explorers to Africa, the Philippines and most of the West Indies, being now cultivated worldwide. It has and has many names, including cassava, manioc, aipim, bitter-cassava, boba, mandioca, macaxeira, manioca, tapioca plant, camote,yuca ˈjuːka) (not to be confused with yucca).
In India, the term "Tapioca" is used to represent the root of the plant (Cassava), rather than the starch.
In Vietnam, it is called bột năng. In Indonesia, it is called singkong. In the Philippines, it is called sagoTapioca is gluten-free, and almost completely protein-free. Flakes, sticks, and pearls must be soaked well before cooking, to rehydrate them; they will easily absorb water equal to twice their volume, becoming leathery and swollen.  In India terms for tapioca include: Hindi sābūdānā (literally, 'grains of sago'), સાબુદાણા (Sabudana) in Gujarati, Urdu sābūdānā (a variant of the preceding word), Malayalam kappa or maraccīni, Tamil maravaḷḷi kilanku, and Kannada sabakki. In Indian cuisine, the granular preparation of cassava starch, is known as sābūdānā'. It can also be used to thicken puddings.

29 March, 2012

Body shop event

Today, I first attended a book launch in Kylin Skybar and then an event for The Body shop in Fio, Garden of five senses, where the actress Dia Mirza had come too. Here are some pictures.

With Sylvie

With Rooma Sekhri


Metatango la milonga

At metatango la milonga in Buenos Aires, during Otros Aires live Tango, these pictures were shot and they have put it up on the fb here. Since I could not click pictures while I was dancing, it is nice to see someone else click and put them up.

My colorful nail art

I did this today morning myself.

Tango speed-dating

How many Tango shoes does a woman need?

28 March, 2012

Meeting Leia's mom

After reading Leia blog here and meeting her, I was more intrigued and keen to meet her mom too. In her blog, Leia keeps mentioning her mom here and there and from her little references, seeing her interiors etc, Leia's mom appeared to me like a woman of very fine tastes. I used to tell Leia that I want to meet her mom whenever she comes to Delhi. 
Today, finally I had the chance to meet the very sophisticated woman. I was/am even more impressed than before. She came across as someone who is very polished and classy. But more than that what impressed me was her cool persona. She did not throw her weight around. In fact, she seemed (like Leia), too coy, demure and yet very intelligent, creative, fashionable, aware...how do I put it- the right blend- the woman of substance- the perfect mix. She is so well maintained and pretty. I am mentally stimulated when I meet such people. This mother daughter duo was/is a delight to meet.

What I am wearing

Dress: Recently picked from Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires had more of cute boutiques rather than malls and big chain of stores. There were few malls too but primarily there were boutiques. Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood were the high end places to shop. If you entered the small shops/boutiques, each store was different from the other and had its own small label and cute designs. 
Heels: Nine West
Bag: from my export line

This is an interesting piece that I picked from Plaza Dorrego, Sunday fair in Buenos Aires. It is an ear ring made out of feather. Strangely, the shop sold only 1 of each. Even if you asked for 2, they did not have them. And knowing me, the moment I saw this in fuchsia color, I could not resist it. Matches with my hair extensions.
Feather jewelry was in vogue there. I saw someone in Tango wear it and I had to buy it too. It costed just 15 peso. Today, the conversion of peso to Indian Rupee is
1 peso= Rs. 11.61
which means this costed me Rs. 174.15. Not bad. Hmm. I am pleased.

And this is a new shade of Mac lip glass that I have again picked from BA. This is their latest launch. It is called delicious and it is actually delicious.

At night I had to attend Vinny Shourie's 30th anniversary party at Barka, The garden of five senses. I threw over a lace jacket over my day attire. This lace jacket is also a recent purchase from Argentina. I picked it from a shop in Florida street in BA. It is their very traditional jacket. Everyone there will be seen wearing a similar lace thing- a top, a dress, bolero etc. I had to pick at least one. It is a good way to dress up your casual attire.

At the party, I was mostly hanging out with Nasir, Sylvie- the famous hair stylist and beauty expert and Vandana Vadhera, the artist, singer and emcee. There was also Aamer Zakir