23 May, 2011

Different types of Indian saris

Sarees from South India: 
South India is known as a Silk hub all over the world and is very popular for Kanjeevaram sarees and other exquisite silk sarees. 

1. Kanjeevaram Saree 
Kanjeevaram sarees are not only famous in India but across the world. A Kanjeevaram saree is a must have in every Indian woman’s closet. These sarees are characterized by gold dipped silver thread that is woven on the premium quality silk. Kanchipuram is actually a town in Tamil Nadu. The town has a fabulous weaving past of more than 150 years. The region is untouched by fashion fads and still maintains their traditional weaving style and techniques. These sarees are also known for their durability. The silk base is thicker than any other silk saree and this thickness makes it the most expensive silk sari in India. It is believed that “The heavier is the silk, the better is the quality”. The most common motifs found in Kanjeevaram sarees are Peacock and parrot.

2. Konrad Saree 
The Specialty item from Tamil Nadu is the Konard Sarees, also known as Temple sarees, these sarees were original woven for deities in the temple. These sarees have wide borders and are characterized motifs inspired by wedding. The motifs are like elephants and peacocks, symbolizing water, fertility and fecundity. More commonly these sarees are available in traditional colors like earth shades of browns, grays and off-whites buy now days brighter shades are also available for the North Indian buyers.
3. Others 
Other famous types of sarees from South India are Pashmina silk, kota silk, Mysore crepes, pochampallis and puttapakshi sarees. Typical wedding sarees from Kerala are the nayayanpets and bavanjipets which usually have a golden border on a cream base. Traditional colours for these sarees are earth shades of browns, greys and off-whites. However, brighter shades have been introduced for the North Indian buyer.


  1. I love Kanchipuram sarees. I do have quite a few. But hardly any occasions to wear. But 2 are coming up as I am heading to Chennai. Family functions:)

  2. hey dear,i just love to watch indian ladies wearing sarees,they look so attractive and graceful in it,

    i think saree is the loveliest dress for a lady especially on occasions,

    i will wear it at least once in life dear,
    god bless

  3. love the post. Rekha has always been kanjeevaram queen for me.

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  5. I am obsessed with the kanjeevaram sarre that actress Rekha has worn. I would be grateful if u post me the details of the same in regards with cost and delivery. Thanks