25 August, 2013

Bringing in my Birthday

24th August is Yours Truly's Birthday. Lots of pictures of my Birthday party will be put up soon. But first things first. The way my friend did bring in my Birthday at 12'o clock. She came and called on my mobile. Then she asked me to come in my balcony. From there I saw this cake on her car trunk with candles lit. It looked marvelous. It was a surprise and I loved it ( though, I do not like surprises, but I loved this one). And I cut this cake on the road, outside my house. It was cute.

They came in their night dresses and I too was just sitting and lazing around at midnight.

After my rocking Birthday party during the day time on 24th, I got so many gifts. Really nice and thoughtful ones. I love them all. 

She came with my very special Birthday cake too. More pics of that will follow.

The gift she gave me is awesome. She took 3-4 days to painstakingly get my gift customized. I received so many T shirts, with Filete porteƱo images and they all have TANGO written on them.
I will be soon flaunting them on the blog posts and also in every milonga and my Tango classes. Loving my gifts.

Right after my party, in the evening, I wore one of the T shirt and went to see my friend's show that she had choreographed. It was amazing. It had sequence of Tango, Jazz, contemporary, Waltz, etc. It was a perfect way to celebrate my Birthday. The show was put up so well. It had such romantic sequences, perfectly choreographed by her and performed by her troupe. Throughout the show I was spellbound. I could not say much except, "WOW!!". 
That was followed by exotic and healthy dinner in Taj Palace, where the show had taken place. 
There, a live singer also sang a song dedicated to Yours Truly, on request by my friend. I loved my whole day. The song was one of my favorite- "I just called to say, I love you."

The singer, who sang for Yours Truly.