28 August, 2013

Milonga de mis amores

I host a weekly milonga. These pictures are from last night milonga. 
Of course, I wore my latest Birthday gift, about which I have mentioned here. I am so happy with my Tango T shirts. And I have a wardrobe full of them.

Here are tangueros who regularly come for weekly milonga that I host in New Delhi. You can see the details of the milonga here.
Here, I must mention- In New Delhi, we do not have many options to go out and chill in the evening. If you want to go out with friends, with your partner, etc, your only options are- go out to eat (and gain weight in the process), go for a movie, or go to useless parties and do soul less dance. When you go clubbing, do you really ENJOY? I do not see anyone enjoying. People want to dance but they do not know how to dance. There is some thumping music playing, the club wants you to get drunk and just bang your head, or move your shoulders on some Bollywood or Punjabi music. You come back feeling empty, hollow and frustrated.
Here New Delhi Tango school is offering you an alternative.
Try out regular Tango classes in any of our 3 centers. Their details are given here. Within couple of months, you will be able to participate in our regular milongas. Its details are mentioned here. And your life will change for good. That I can guarantee. 
NDTS, has the most positive community of Tangueros. You look good, feel good and have a great time. No more of soul less dancing or killing your time doing useless things. Everyone can join- Any age group, single, married, men or women. This is the best way to beat stress. 
And if you say that you have two left feet, let me tell you, I specialize in two left feet.
If you can walk, you can Tango because Tango is a walking dance. NDTS follows a format, where you progress very fast. You do not do aimless, walking for years. Our students participate in the milongas confidently very soon. Our aim is to make you enjoy the dance.