14 September, 2015

Graffiti art

I have been writing about learning Graffiti. This is the first wall that our group of students did with the help of our teacher. We all had a little role in it and finally see how it came up.
I do intend to do more in future.
Street art is an art, done very selflessly for the public. It should not be associated with gangsters and criminals. It was associated with gangsters because gangs would mark their territories by marking the walls. Some others did it as a protest. 60's saw it as a hippy era. 
I am filled with respect for street artists. They share their piece with the public. Observe street art. There is lot of thought and effort behind it- a message, some humour, etc. Appreciate that. Instead of observing billboards, which sell products and entice you to buy, observe and appreciate street art. It is raw and pure. It is not done for art galleries. There are no middle men selling it at hefty prices. Street art has a meaning. Also certain things are better without meaning and without being understood. This transforms the energy of the place. Street artists give it to the society in their own way. They share a piece of themselves. 
Street art dates back to cave men era when they used herbs, insects, handprints on the wall. We have been creating paintings forever. Sometimes people just scratch names on the walls. 
It gives comfort to the uncomfortable and makes comfortable uncomfortable. Life is more than what meets the eye. Envision it and it will manifest. If you can see it, you can do it.

Do check the prints of those tango shoes.

Final piece

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