10 September, 2015

Review Zizo restaurant, Delhi

Zizo is a Lebanese restaurant in CP, in Delhi. They are also opening in Cyberhub in Gurgaon.
Yesterday, I went there for food review and I must say that I absolutely loved the place and the preparations. The chef, Danny, took me through various dishes that they prepare so ingeniously. They take care of importing the most exotic ingredients that are organic, fresh and hand picked.
I had the best possible hummus of my life there- amm! so creamy and smooth. I did not know that hummus is not a dip but a dish in itself. I had mulberry cold pressed juice. They import the syrup directly from Lebanon and mulberry has many nutritive values. 
The man'oushe was delectable. It was coated with za’atar. It is supposed to be very good for brain.
The chef told me that it is cooked in every household in Lebanon. The children have it before leaving for school. They wrap vegetables in it. The chef specially wrapped one for me, filled with fresh vegetables. We also had fattoush salad. The chef also treated me to a mezze platter. The hummus that came with it was the best in this world. You can go there, just to have this hummus. There were shawarmas on the table but by then, I was too full to do justice to the whole meal. Finally, as a dessert, I had a bite of lady's arm. In Lebanese, it is called something else. It melted in the mouth, felt light and had wonderful, light flavours. Finally I had cafe blanc. It is white Coffee: A Soothing, Caffeine-Free Drink from Lebanon.It is mildly flavoured, warm water with Al Wadi Al Akhdar, orange blossom and lemon. It reminded me of aromas of the spa. I could just smell it all day long.
The ambience is true Lebanese with a bar and a hookah. They are able to take groups for lunches and dinner. The food is absolutely worth the price. It is not too expensive place.

Overall my rating for this restaurant is 5/5.
If you are looking for a Lebanese cuisine or maybe some different cuisine, this is the place to try. I can go there again and again. Do meet the chef, who talks passionately about food and ingredients. It is nice to see people who are so passionate about their jobs.

Zizo in CP, Delhi
Chef Danny
Man'oushe coated with za’atar
Trio Hummus

Mulberry fusion

Cafe Blanc

Menu card cover

These are my pictures of some other restaurant review. This is same apparel but different ambience.

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