14 October, 2015

Diet plans for working mothers

Proper meals are difficult for working mothers. They seldom plan meals for themselves. It is always for the kids that they are feeding. Being on a diet is also a challenge, as they neither have time to plan nor the will power to stick to a plan.
Here are few tips to stick to your diet plan.
1.           Stock your kitchen with healthy options like nuts; trail mix, fruits, etc. Do not get ice cream tubs, cookies, namkeens and candies. You may instead opt for sorbets.
2.         Try to consume fresh fruits and make a salad as definite meal for 1 meal of the day. You will feel lighter and will have more energy.
3.         Try to eat healthy with your children. Make soup bowl for them. While feeding them, you can have it too. Do not encourage kids to have junk food and eliminate it from your diet too.
4.         Have a diet rich in fruits, veggies, whole food and antioxidants. Include berries, fish (salmon, sardines, tuna), salads, extra virgin olive oil, lean chicken breast, and egg whites. Try to have organic food to avoid pesticides.
Here is sample plan.
Breakfast options
Home made rava idli
Moong daal chillla with chutney
Oats upma with vegetables. Cut oats are better for fibre.
Brown bread sandwich with lettuce, cucumber
Bowl of fruits
Plus- tea/milk/coffee
Mid morning snack
Chaas/ buttermilk
Bowl of fruits
Roti or brown rice
Or stuffed roti of methi or palak or cauliflower
Plus vegetables plus salad plus curd/raita
Bhel/2 paneer tikka/ sprout salad/ methi muthiya (gujrati snack)
Soup bowl/ rasam
Bowl of vegetables

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