26 December, 2015

Hog picnic on Christmas

Yesterday, HOG had awesome picnic in Lodhi garden. It is my favourite place and I am always game for a picnic on a sunny afternoon in winters. Christmas is a time when I am absolutely in a festive mood. I had such a great time with wonderful people, all of them in great spirit. We were all dressed in bright colours. Everyone brought yummiest food and there was HUGE spread of food to choose from. We played games- cricket, ball, tambola, hula hoop and towards the end even attempted hand stands and head stands. There were families, complete with cute kiddos. My day was made.
The pictures below have been clicked by Radhika Ray.

This mother and daughter duo is the cutest. She has two daughters. Both are absolutely adorable.

Large spread of food

So much food. Yum!

Pav Bhaji

Chocolate mousse


Every kid wanted to try this.

Kids are so cool

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