23 December, 2015

The way I function without sunshine

They say your name reflects on you. My name- Kiran, means sun rays. The name has a lot of significance in my life. My friends do tell me that I shine like sunshine. But besides that, I have come to realise the importance of sun rays. I do not call myself morning person. In fact, I think I am more of evening person. But, what is very important for me to function is sunshine and sun rays. Give me sunshine and I am all charged up and super active. In gloomy winters, specially when it gets dark, my body refuses to function. Every winter evening, I get tucked in my cosy bed and then refuse to come out. I have missed weddings, events, parties, business meetings (never a milonga though), simply because no matter how hard I try, I am unable to move out of bed on winter evenings with no sunshine. I have spent many new year's eves tucked in my bed and not gone out partying in foggy winter evening. My friends get annoyed. They invite me and I accept the invite. Yet, as the gloomy day comes to an end and I get in my bed, I refuse to come out. It is like my mind and body to not function together. Mind wants to but body refuses to. On the contrary, give me nice sunshine and I am up and about. I wonder how people party and enjoy in winter evenings. Maybe because they have a nice drink in hand and I do not drink. Ah! every winter I write such posts that how much I dislike winters. Actually, it is the days with no sunshine that I dislike more.

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