02 January, 2016

Being miser

We hear a lot these days about being generous, more giving, doing good to others, having open heart and mind. Here, I am going to be talking about another kind of generosity or being another kind of miser. Sometimes, it takes nothing, absolutely nothing from your side to give to others. You may make or break someone's day, someone's heart.
A simple like on facebook, costs you nothing. But it brings a smile on someone's face.
People send you requests to like their page. Go ahead. Do it. You have nothing to loose.
Follow someone on instagram. It will not pollute your newsfeed.

Worst kind of miser attitude. Not just miser- low life I would say. People usurp even a whatsapp group. If they have created certain group, they command others to post or not post certain thing. This is the most selfish and miser personality trait. Well, if one is not allowed, he/she can EASILY create another group and post whatever information. He/she does not need any permission but was just giving unnecessary and undue importance to the undeserving admin.

In this age of information and social media, friends be open and large hearted. No one steals anything. Everything is available for free online. My fb friends, your friends, my whatsapp group, your group, get over it. Have bigger and open hearts. Stop being stingy or insecure.

Last but not the least, those of you, who proudly (read: snobbishly) say, I do not like facebook and I do not spend time on facebook, FYI, whatsapp is a part of facebook. Stop being on whatsapp also.

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