10 January, 2016

Quintessential 4 Month Tango Challenge

After teaching Tango for many years now, I have developed this special program for beginners wishing to learn Tango. It is a super structured program done as semi privates- maximum 4 couples, with very targeted goals. The focus of this blog and our Company is health, fitness and dance. We continue to develop ourselves in these areas and want to spread this joy to everyone.

The Quintessential 4 month tango challenge has:

  • A class of 2 hours every week with systematically designed program modules.
  • Support of tango community
  • Goal oriented, group performance batch after 4 months.
Course details

Connection with yourself and your partner, embrace, moving in space with musicality, improvising skills, basic walks, including some intermediate elements. Differentiation between tango, vals and milonga.

Learn codigos, tango history, cultivating tango culture and etiquettes to be successful in tango community.

Musicality- Learn and recognise various orchestras and how to dance on them, create pauses. Learn about tango, vals and milonga. 

How you benefit

1. You become a part of beautiful tango community and make new friends who are like your family. It is the best place to network and socialise.

2. You make a commitment to yourself to learn tango and that is the most beautiful journey you embark on. It will be one of the best decision you take.

3. You are a part of weekly challenge lesson, designed specially for you.

4. As part of community support, you will always have someone to practice with and be part of practicas and milongas (tango socials).

5. As part of your lessons, you will get tango music, videos to watch and reading material.

6. Finally, you will be a part of Tango recital. In your and your team mates honour, there will be a champagne toast to your inclusion in the tango community and to celebrate your tango learning.

What we expect from you

People who take up tango challenge, are the ones who learn very quickly and outshine in the tango community. We expect you to be regular and punctual to the tango lessons.
Tango is all about sharing and giving. We would want you to help your team mates and practice with them. 
We want you to be dedicated. With perseverance and persistence, you will learn quickly.
Participate in the final Tango recital and improvise with your partner on the dance floor.

Course Fee: Rs. 10,000/- for 3 months inclusive of the final recital.
It is non refundable. No exceptions please.

You would need: Real tango shoes that are beautiful and comfortable.


Do I need a partner to join?

You may join with or without a partner. Many people join individually and they partner up in class. One of the things you learn as a part of the course is how to invite someone for a dance. We will start you from basics. We switch partners in the class. However, if you want to stick to the partner whom you have signed up with, please speak to the instructor in the beginning. 

What if I miss few classes?

We expect you to be regular for classes. However, if you do miss lessons, try to compensate by coming earlier next time and speaking to your instructor and team mates. Everyone is willing to help. Tango is a journey that you should enjoy.

When can I dance in a milonga?

We will encourage you to come to milonga very soon. If you are not able to dance, you will learn a thing or two by watching and meeting people. However, there is not teaching in a milonga. You should observe and be willing to participate.

How is a challenge more beneficial than a group class?

In a challenge we have more customised and individualised approach of semi privates. It is a structured course at the end of which we have tango recital for which you are prepared. This is beautiful way to integrate you into tango community of more experienced dancers.

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