14 April, 2016

Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia

If you visit Cappadocia, one must do thing is hot air ballon ride. But here is a big tip, negotiate and bargain for prices. People and companies quote even 450 Euro. They sell by saying that theirs is better company with more experienced pilot and no accident record and they would take less number of people. But really I did my online research and found that it really does not matter. I paid 80 Euros and I got to know that people riding in the same ballon with me had paid 250 Euros. All companies are more or less the same. Try not to book from the hotel. They are more expensive. Go to downtown area and there are many companies taking you for hot air balloon rides. Negotiate prices and get the best deals. It is an experience that you must have. Do not forget to pack an extra jacket and a scarf. It gets very cold up there. Companies also promise a breakfast but really it comprises of nothing much except cookies and packed juice.

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