15 June, 2016

Restaurant review: Oh My God

Yesterday I was invited to Oh My God (OMG) in Connaught Place. The place is worth going to and experiencing. The ambience is heavenly, the food is to die for. I have come back so happy. I am urging all my readers to go there ASAP. 
As you enter, you cannot miss this painting on the wall made out of 20,000 buttons- real shirt buttons. I just stood and stared at it for five minutes. Then at the entrance is one digital painting that attracts your attention. 
Inside, the decor is beautiful- dim lights, waves on the ceiling, chairs with hearts, butterflies, angels, Michelangelo kind of paintings on the wall, etc. They told me that they are also going to put elephants with feathers soon. Apt to its name, OMG is very romantic and suggestive. It could be a nice dating place for couples but it could also be for family dining or working people or for casual ladies lunches. 
The place is 3 months old. It has amazing music being played there. I loved the choice of their music. Most of them were my favourites.
The restaurant is multi cuisine. It serves oriental, Indian, Continental and Mexican cuisine. It also has a nice roof top with an excellent view. It has a open terrace. If you want to sit outdoor or smoke, this is a nice place.
This is the fourth restaurant by the same group. Earlier they have Vault, Junkyard cafe and Garam Dharam.
The address is: 14-15, 2nd Floor, Block F, Inner Circle,Connaught Place, New Delhi
The place is open from 12 noon to 1 am

They have a bar, paid parking, sometimes live music, outdoor area, smoking area. It is a lovely place to have a chilled out evening.

Since I am a vegetarian and non drinker, I took a friend along who could also savour non vegetarian food and cocktails and help me with the reviews for my readers.

I started with sundried tomato soya tikka. Priced at Rs. 375, this is an amazing vegetarian starter that melts in the mouth. It came with mint chutney. It was not too heavy, just the right amount of spicy. A dish I would recommend trying.

My friend had a cocktail named passion fruit inflated sugar with 90ml alcohol inside. It is priced at Rs.855. See how it comes with little hammer and you have to break the inflated sugar with that hammer. Lovely presentation. Unique idea and my friend really like the cocktail.

My first Mocktail was Angel Blush. It is made of pineapple juice lime juice, basil and a slash of Grenadine syrup. All the mocktails in OMG are priced at Rs.185 and they are worth trying. I loved this one but the second one I tried was out of this world.

For non vegetarian starter, my friend had kachi ambi ka chicken tikka. It is first marinated with aam panna and then grilled. My friend said that it had different combination of spices. It is priced at Rs.445. It had a very unique presentation. Check out the tiny pressure cooker that came with it for mint chutney.

Have a look at their menu card. Something worth mentioning here is that the place had dim lights and menu was not really readable. I had to switch my mobile torch to read it very inconveniently. I wish they had reading lights attached to menu to make it easily readable. I gave them this suggestion. Hope they implement it.

Next what I had was crispy  corn with wild mushroom. For my taste, I found the dish too spicy, too hot, fried and heavy. It is priced at Rs. 395. I was not a big fan of it. But my friend seemed to like it. He said it was a great combination of maize, corn and mushroom. It was served with glass noodles. So this dish has mixed opinions. Do try and let me know your opinion.

My friend had tandoori chicken bruschetta. This dish had a very unconventional presentation. Meat served in tequila shot glasses and bread that came with mayonnaise. We did wish that it had something else, other than mayo- like maybe mustard sauce. But we were told that it is achari mayo (pickled) and since this is Indian fusion, that is why they served it that way. Overall the dish was nice and worth trying.  It is priced at Rs. 475.

And here comes my second mocktail. This drink really made me say, "Oh My God". It is insanely good. You have to go to this restaurant just for this drink. I think this is the best mocktail I have ever had. It is called Betel nut madira. It is paan flavoured frozen ice ball topped with paan leaf, topped with lemonade. If you have it after dinner, you do not need to order dessert. It is priced at Rs.185 and if you have not tasted this, you are missing something in life.

Next I chose mushroom galauti. It was melting in mouth. It was soft like butter and you could actually spread it on bread like butter. It came with tiny suer cute breads. It was light and fluffy. Must try. It is priced at Rs.395

My friend had mutton galauti kebab and had similar views as me. This too melts in the mouth. It is priced at Rs. 475. So you can choose between veg and non veg options. We recommend both.

We also wanted to try Mexican cuisine to let you know about its reviews. We tried Nachos with queso sauce and chunky salsa. The nachos were very good. They had their own unique style. They had used beans. I do not like jalapenos. They had put lot of big pieces of jalapenos though that I took out. The salsa was not so good. It is priced at Rs. 375

View from terrace

We also tried exotic veg quesadillas. We felt that it has too much beans. It should have been made lighter. It is priced at Rs.375

For main course I was contemplating between Pao bhaji, paneer makhani, gatte ki kadi with desi ghee rice. I chose gatte ki kadi. This is how it came.

This was delicious. But by now I was too full to do justice to this dish. It is priced at Rs.275.

My friend had sliced chicken with chilli sauce on a bed of egg fried rice. He seemed to enjoy his dish a lot. It is priced at Rs.295
Most of the vegetarian main dishes are priced between Rs.275- 445 and the non vegetarian are between Rs.395- 1195

Finally for the heavenly, exotic, mouth watering desserts we had chocolate buee cake with butterscotch icecream and melon kheer (both Rs.375 each). These desserts are to die for. I cannot decide which one is better  than the other. I seriously would recommend try both and please share your opinion. We loved them.

My rating out of 5

Ambience and class: 4.5
Choice of  music: 5
Food: 4.6
Service: 5
Presentation: 5

An average meal for 2 would cost Rs. 2000/- with desserts. If you include drinks, it will be Rs.3000/-
They also have excellent party  packages.

Highly recommend visiting. It is original, rustic, modern and exotic.

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