06 July, 2016

Restaurant review: 52 Janpath Kitchen Bar & Courtyard.

Yesterday I was invited to 52 Janpath Kitchen Bar & Courtyard.
The restaurant name and address are the same. It is located in front of the metro station of Janpath, close to McDonald’s. The restaurant serves American, European, Thai and Italian cuisines.
The ambience and d├ęcor of the place is quite unique-high ceilings, decoration is quite Spanish style, lamps that have a colonial accent. Wooden beams, with an antique feel. It is a combination of different styles with no particular style at all.
Music was strong, nice and different. It was not relaxing but peppy. Mostly pop was being played. I liked their choice of music.

A narrow alley with dim lighting and Mediterranean walls and arches lead us into the restaurant. The non-descript entrance led into a plush spacious dining area, which opened into a beautiful courtyard. The writing on the wall of the alley enthralled me. It is a long quote that you must read.

So we started with the first round of drinks.
My friend ordered Margarita. It was good. It was priced at Rs. 395/-
I settled for their signature Mocktail named Pomegranate & basil cooler. Well, it was too sweet for my taste and that is why I am not highly recommending it. It is priced at Rs. 195/- In fact all their Mocktails are priced the same.

 Next for vegetarian selection, I had European parcels potli. It was really nice. I recommend having it.  It had a nice distinct taste. It is priced at Rs.295/-
I also had Columbian style beetroot ricotta cheese served with sweet mango dip. It tasted yum. It had nice flavors of beetroot, cheese and mango dip- very unusual and interesting combination. It is priced at Rs. 295/-

For non-vegetarian starters we got Thai chicken skewers served with peanut sauce in shot glasses. It is priced at Rs. 345/-. It is one of their signature dishes. It was presented well and tasted good.

Then we got Bacon wrapped asparagus. Priced at Rs. 325/- & chicken liver pate. Rs.345/-. Bacon was not of good quality and was little overcooked.
We did not like chicken liver pate either. So not recommending the two.
We had Sweet chilly prawns and those were delicious. Would highly recommend that.

 We were served Cold open wantons with herbs and litchi. Rs. 295/-
And Wok fried crispy vegetables. Rs.295/-.  I do not want to sound like a customer too difficult to please but I would not highly recommend it. It is a dish, that is nice and different but not their best one. My friend liked it but me, not so much.

The restaurant serves fusion cuisine.

We tried Spaghetti Florentina wilted spinach in butter cheese emulsion. Rs. 375/-
It is exactly what it says. Lot of butter and cheese. Nice flavors. It is a nice wholesome dish which can serve as full dinner specially for cheesy spaghetti lovers.

Next we were served Phad pak Ruammitr. Rs. 375/- . It was stir fried mixed vegetable served with steamed rice, pineapple fried rice and thai noodles. I liked mushroom with sauce. It was authentic Thai. The vegetables were not fantastic. Red thai curry was nicer. But I must say, I am not a big fan of thai food. Yet I seemed to like/love/enjoy it. So if I liked it, thai food lovers would absolutely love it. I do recommend having it.

The restaurant serves Watermelon and tomato based complimentary shots. It is their Welcome drink. It was quite nice and refreshing. 

I got my second Mocktail which was Orange and mint sling. I would not say it was my favourite. In fact, I liked my welcome drink better and more refreshing.

We also had Sea food tom yum soup and it tasted good. Their Soups and desserts are chef special. They change everyday.

For desserts we tried Blueberry cheesecake, Banofee pie and Deo flavored rasmalai which was Mango and strawberry Indian Fusion. Cheesecake was excellent even though it was very creamy. I do not like bananas and yet I loved the Banofee pie (which I generally do not like). So imagine how good it must have been. Rasmalai was also delicious.

We asked for tea but we were told that they do not serve tea after 8pm. But that is not so bad.

Overall, I would say, the place is awesome. It is a must check out, very centrally located, great ambience, great music, great service, good food, well priced. They also have some fixed menus for corporates. So good value for money.

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