13 July, 2016

Social media manners

Social media is relatively new- A decade or 2 old. We are not clear about the code of conducts. So people tend to cross the lines and limits and then face the brunt and wrath of others. Social media is an excellent platform for publicity, promotions, voicing your opinions, venting your frustrations but the line has to be drawn. There are fights and wars on social media. People block each other, they unfriend each other, person's popularity is judged by the number of likes and followers. Real friends are diminishing and the trend is to gain popularity on social media. These are changing times. Rules are changing but at the same time, new rules are not clearly defined.

Here are few code of conducts or manners one should follow

1. To seek attention, do not tag people in the posts that are not theirs. If it is your promotion, event, success and you want to draw people's attention towards it, do not tag them.

2. Do not unnecessarily post on people's timeline. No matter how good your cause or opinion is. It is their timeline, their space and you have no right to post on their timeline. You have all the right to post what you feel like on your timeline (without hurting anyone).

3. Do not spam in whatsapp groups or even on whatsapp personal messages. Everyone is busy and their time is precious. Life has become so fast and busy that everyone is multitasking, replying to important emails and messages. Spamming would be objectionable.

4. If you are the admin of a whatsapp group, do not become a dictator. Do not forbid others not to post their events etc. You know it is very easy for the member of the group to use the same database and create his/her own broadcast list and then send the messages. So why should you look bad by saying that others cannot post on your group? Let them. Have a bigger heart. Group members, be careful, not to spam.

5. Strictly my personal opinion- many people will not agree. I feel unnecessarily forwarding jokes, quotes, good mornings, useless information on whatsapp group should be avoided. Keep the discussion very apt, informative and to the point.

6. Imposing your viewpoints on others. Each one of us are passionate about a cause, a sport, a hobby, etc. Each of these causes are extremely genuine and mean a lot to us and maybe not to others.You cannot keep spamming whatsapp groups, others facebook timelines, etc with your passions. Do it on your timeline for sure but not on others. If someone spams me very often, no matter how genuine a cause or how dear a friend, I block this person. My time is precious.

What is allowed

1. Post on your facebook page, on your timeline, send a personal email, personal message.
2. Create a broadcast list and share important and useful information.

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  1. Great tips. Yes, I could not agree more. Unnecessary forwarding of jokes is just so annoying.