15 July, 2016

Surprise Your Mom with a Precious Cartier

If you’ve ever listened closely to what your mother says (or doesn’t say) you’d realise that the greatest gift you could give her isn’t the most expensive perfume or an extravagant bouquet of flowers. What your mother, among pretty much every mother on the planet, really wants or deserves is the simple gift of time.

And yes, I mean that both literally and metaphorically –I find there’s something really surreal and symbolic about gifting your mother a timepiece. In one way, it’s you telling her that you appreciate and value all that she’s ever done for you, all her labour of love. In another, it shows you’ve been listening and learning, the value of time and your shared time together, and you’ve really put some thought into this. In yet another way, gifting your mom a luxury watch is a promise of love, with every passing second, in the times to come.

And if there’s a watchmaker who knows just how to honour the gift of time with unconditional love and timeless elegance –much like a mother- its Cartier. Since I was a little girl, I’ve thought that the moment I make something of myself in my adult life, the first thing I’d do is get my mum the best of Cartier watches. Unfortunately I’m not quite there yet! But if you are, there’s no need to wait around for Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion –just walk right into a luxe watch outlet today, or better still, Google up Cartier watches online retailers in India and hit top ones like Ethos Watch Boutiques. Surprise your mother with a Cartier, and that moment in time will forever be captured in memory and in your heart as your very own platinum day of love with your mother!

I’ve got a little black book full of watches I’d love to gift my mom one day, and you’re allowed a little sneak peek into my shortlisted Cartier watches:

Cartier Ronde Solo De Cartier W6700355

This one’s a personal favourite because it’s actually reminiscent of a watch my mother owned in her youth. I’m sure all mothers would love a little trip down memory lane, with this beauty strapped around their wrists!

The sleek and sturdy timepiece bears a beautifully circular 18k yellow gold dial featuring hour markings in classical Roman numerals on a simple silvered dial. The Arabic markings running in a smaller circle inside the larger hour markers add a modernistic touch to the otherwise classical timepiece –suggestive of a timeless meeting of the old and new.

Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier W69007Z3

From the premium line of Cartier watches, this Ballon Bleu model is a perfectly luxurious yet understated watch –characteristic of a mother’s effortless grace and compassion.

This simple yet effervescent timepiece houses the trademark sapphire cabochon near the 3-hour marker of the dial –a glittering ray of blue brilliance for a mother who shines bright like the sun and the moon in your life. The heritage of Cartier’s excellence in watch-making is strong in this one, as the silver and gold bracelet picks up a purely classical tone from its early years.

Cartier Tank W4TA0004

 Delicate yet durable, the ‘Tank’ really is an ode to a mother rough and tough attitude as she bulldozes through all her struggles without complain, like a boss (or a war machine)! Now’s the time to repay her for everything, and there’s no better way to start than giving her this symbolic stunner. Albeit a sturdy steely form, the fine-cut diamonds encrusted on the dial add an element of softness to this luxury Cartier Watch.

Cartier Tortue W1556364

 The chic contours are sure to win over the heart of the kind of mom who’s in with the times and never seems to age. There are times when my mother tells me I need to up my style game with a pair of ‘boyfriend jeans’ or what have you, and I’m completely aghast because my 50-something mother knows more about the latest fashion fads than I do. Well, if your mother’s anything like that, this swanky pink gold Cartier is the perfect gift for her. The slender frame makes it an even better choice if your mother’s always out and about –transitioning smoothly from a daily-wear accessory to a night out on the town!

Cartier Tank WB701831

 A treat for the eyes, this petite Cartier evokes a distinct expression of radiance. The diamond-studded bezel gives this otherwise simple timepiece a touch of brightness. Brings out the masterful craftsmanship in watch-making and jewellery for which we so love Cartier watches.

 Though I’m pretty sure a mother would be happy no matter what you give her, or even if you don’t, it’s time to give your mother more reason to smile and a chance to shine even brighter than she does with these exquisite ensembles. 

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