09 September, 2016

Restaurant Review: Wildfire, The Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon

Experience the new Wildfire
-          The only Brazilian Churascario in India
The Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon has relaunched ‘Wildfire’. The popularity it has gained from the introduction of Brazilian cuisine in the soils of Delhi NCR. Wildfire also introduces special offers for lunches and a uniquely crafted authentic Italian menu complimented with its new look in gratitude of our guests. You can relish unlimited skewered meats, seafood and other vegetarian delicacies carved directly onto your plate by their skilled Chefs. Cuisine feature the natural beauty of local and seasonal ingredients in an appropriate and sumptuous manner. Revamped set up transmutes one into the world of authentic flavours served by the chefs.

The interiors of the reconstructed restaurant show a plethora of colors and patterns inspired from Brazil and Italy. The Restaurant was conceived as a marriage of straight lines and fold forms to give a contemporary & flamboyant ambiance to the space. They have tried to achieve a balance while mingling of old and new elements to give a bejewelled touch. Fountains of flame billow outside the glass wall add up to the ambience. They have experimented with textures, colours, bold forms and shapes. Colour palette is authentic, real and earthy. The mosaic pattern at the entrance, the chic Italian chandelier, onyx back lit marble being one of the highlights, uplift the overall environment. Artwork inspiration comes from WILDFIRE and captures the flames in many forms and it also infuses a lot of colour in the space. Their vision was to design a space to provide efficient, friendly and personalised guest experience. You will also spot the use of antique and metallic elements to present the modern and contemporary look and feel of the newly designed Wildfire.

“The food marks our endeavor to promote relations between the two cultures and countries, while also providing our guests a platform to gain new insight and knowledge into Brazilian cuisine, culture and heritage.  The menu has been carefully crafted keeping in mind the discerning and varied tastes of our clientele, to provide a more expedited experience for guests. We haven’t done away with the popular and signature dishes that would be blasphemous. We have taken into consideration customer feedback and patterns and tweaked the existing menu by adding an array of unique, handcrafted dishes to take your dining experience to a whole new level. We aim to delight guests with gastronomic specialties” said Mr. Nalin Mandiratta, General Manager, Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon.

Creating a unique experience, Wildfire connects & infuses the food and restaurant service with its architectural design, feel and influence. True to its name, in a creative and artistic plate presentation, it offers an array of delightful dishes and classic yet innovative range of beverages. They have created a property that will intertwine fine dining and luxury to offer guests from around the world. They are famous for their dishes full of flavour and vibrant people.

The restaurant offers a comfortable seating with Brazilian background music which also provides a perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a group get together.  The chef presents you some traditional mouth watering Brazilian delicacies like Coxa De Frango, Paleta De Cordeiro , Fraldinha , Camarao , Salmaon and many more . While being a paradise for meat lovers  the menu  also offers a treat for vegetarians with delicacies like Batata recheado , Abacaxi Assado , Tortilha De Feijao etc. The chef now also presents you the concept of Italian culinary tastes with some delectable Italian delicacies ranging from the very basic Fresh Tomato Soup to a Classic Italian Tiramisu.
The gourmet trip to Brazil and Italy, starting from ‘The Wildfire’, guarantees you an extravaganza of flavours to satisfy your palettes to the best. 

The restaurant was relaunched 2 months back. It has a buffet, 5 famous meats- chicken, lamb, tenderloin, pork sausage and prawns.
There are Incredible 7 meats in which salmon and duck are added to the above 5.
They have Signature seafood- salmon, duck, lobster, prawns, Calamari, sea bass includes soup and salad. Every day they change soups and salad.
They have International veg- 4 cheese, potato stuffing, broccoli, with plain breads , vegetable, tortilla and balsamic grilled pineapple, which is unique Brazilian dessert. Also there is Chocolate balls stuffed with vanilla ice cream. There is À la carte also. There are 6 salads on buffet.
This is really a good place to eat when you are very hungry and willing to taste different meats. It is One of its kind of best Brazilian cuisine in Delhi.

I started with a drink called Night bulb. Do watch my video on instagram here to see how it came in flames. It had apple juice, staransie and lime juice. It was WOW! Super nice I should say.

There is an elaborate menu for vegetarians also which has enough options. I was served:

Grilled zucchini with baby corn
Broccoli with cherry tomato
Bell pepper with artichoke
Asparagus with beetroot
Mushroom with tomato salad

For non vegetarian, there was also

Chicken with beans with mustard dressing
Bellpepper with fish

I was served Four cheese potatoes. There was choice of dips which were:

Marinated olives
Sweet chili pineapple
Chimichurri- roasted onion garlic with rock salt
Vinaigrette bell pepper
Horseradish mayonnaise

The lamb and tenderloin were not so good. We are not recommending it much. Then we were served Tiger prawns. Tiger prawns are normally good flavour. It had Olive oil, red chili, black pepper, garlic, salt and pepper. It was grilled. You can seldom go wrong with tiger prawns.
It is better to go for lunch because of abundance of meats they can serve.
 Next was Salmon fish. We had a dilemma with spicy food. We felt it a bit too spicy.

Sea bass was also too spicy, not hot but spicy. It had lemon, black pepper, rock salt. Brazilians like lemon a lot.

I was given Vegetarian tortilla. This again was very very spicy and hot. I could not have beyond one bite. It had tomato sauce, red kidney beans. It seemed like a very Indian base and Indian masala.

Next was Calamari. Sometimes it is better for entree or starters. In many sushi restaurants they offer that. It had garlic, parsley powder, salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme.

Red wine and sea food combination is not so good. Maybe it is better with meat.

We were also served lobster with caper sauce. Its meat is soft and tender. The sauce also has some lemon. This is the best meat you can have in fish kingdom because the meat from lobster apart from being so expensive is delicious. This was the best dish of the evening. It was so good. 

I was served broccoli with mascarpone cheese. It tasted quite crunchy, fresh, not overdone and with a hint of cheese. 

There was nice music, beautiful paintings. It is a good place to enjoy your lunches and dinners.

For dessert we were served grilled pineapple with honey. It was delicious. It had a subtle, sweet taste. It was an awesome dessert with a flavour of cinnamon. This was like final ending to a nice meal to cut on all the spices.
 It is now one of my most favourite desserts. It was so natural. Loved it.

Finally we were served Chocolate balls with vanilla ice cream. It was like a lollipop. It was served in a beautiful igloo. Check the pictures. It was delicious. Yum.

The person who attended us, Mr. Akilesh Sah was super kind, patiently answering all my queries and letting me know about each detail. 

Their busy days are Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays are busy with resident guests. They have lots of Japanese corporate business groups. They like sea food and Brazilian food a lot.

Do check my instagram videos here, here and here. You can see the interiors of the restaurant and also the layout of the buffet. They have a Chef, whom they have specially flown from Brazil. His name is Rio. See him in the video and also in some of the pictures below.

I am not a meat eater. In fact, I am a vegetarian. I have to take help from my partner to review non vegetarian food. But nevertheless, I had many vegetarian options and I liked the place. It is a heaven for meat and sea food eaters. Do give it a try. 

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