05 October, 2016

Masala Library: Restaurant review

Masala library by Jiggs Kalra is the new rage in the city. It opened a few months back and became the talk of the town. We happened to go to Masala Library and sample their tasting menu. The place is very small and of course you need  prior reservation before going there.
Coming to food. It is all about presentation and you pay sky rocketing price only for that. The vegetarian menu is for Rs.2200/- plus taxes and the non vegetarian one is for Rs.2300/- plus taxes but you end up shelling Rs.8000/- for two people if you also pair up with wine etc. That is too steep according to me. Did I find it worth it? Really no. Paying such a hefty bill for miniscule portions served in test tubes or with tweezers- it kills my appetite. My recommendation is that for the same price, rather much lesser, you can enjoy fantastic Chef tasting menu in Indian Accent. That too is fine dining and serves Indian food.
They started with Amuse Bouche which is fake eggs. It looked like egg and is made of mango.
For snacks we were served 
Madur Vada with clear rasam: The tiniest vada ball and rasam came in little test tube kind of thing. It was all about presentation. I was not gaga about the food and the taste. 
Mango pirada cheese
Deconstructed samosa- same samosa but a different shape.
Charcoal Bhajia: Onion that had charcoal fritters. You had to pick it with foreceps and eat.

Next we were served mushroom chai. They explained in details about molecular gastronomy. How they had dehydrated the mushroom, made it into powder like tea etc.

Before main course, there was palate cleanser that was ice popsicle. (Again a concept of Indian Accent).
I had to return/exchange two dishes from the main course because I found them over spicy. I had already told them my preference of not so spicy dishes. 
For mains I had seasonal green saag with mushroom souffle. I also had dhokla corn and dil curry.
For desserts we had jalebi caviar and ashen kulfi.
Then end we got white chocolate balls.
Towards the end, we got dry orange tree, presented on a nice steel structure. 

Will I go there again? Probably no. 
Do I recommend it? You might want to go and experience their unique presentation and burn a hole in your pocket. But even if, money is not the concern and you are looking for fine dining Indian option, Indian Accent scores over. 

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